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Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentine's Dinner at Ristorante Amarone (2015)

168 Robinson Road #01-08 / 09 / 10 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912
Tel: 6423 0464

This year, we decided to try out Ristorante Amarone for our Valentine's Day dinner, since I pass by this elegant Italian restaurant pretty often, and have heard good things about it.

Set in a charming, contemporary setting complete with high ceilings, subtle lightings, wide glass windows and a wine bottles lined pillar and red flooring, and sitting in plain view of the busy CBD area, this restaurant is not to be missed.

The moment we stepped in, the crew all greeted us warmly and this impeccable service remained throughout the rest of our meal, which was rather impressive. Chef Domenico and Director Wilson came over personally to ensure that everything was lovely for us - a very nice gesture that brought smiles to the patrons' faces instantly.

This is the Valentine's Day menu (SGD$98++ each), specially created for this romantic occasion this year. Since there were two choices, The Beau and I ordered one set each to try out.

A glass of welcome drink (Prosecco) was served when we sat down.

We started with bread rolls, dipped in their subtly-flavored olive oil. I liked the flavor of the sweet roll but we both thought the texture was a little hard.

They brought us a small starter of heart-shaped puff pastries, to sweeten the palate before we began our small feast.

For his appetizer, The Beau had a Zucchini and Potato Cream soup- a soup with a smooth, gentle flavor. The starchy texture of the potato was a nice contrast to the creaminess of the soup, making it an appetite whetter as we looked forward to the other courses.

Mine was the Eggplant Medallion with Quail Egg & Black Truffle - a combination of al my favorite items. The lovely swish when one bites into the juicy eggplant was present, before the teeth made further contact with the bouncy but soft mushroom. The quail egg provided a beautiful balance to the heavier flavor of the truffle, and adds a dash of brightness to the dark dish.

The Beau's first course was the Orecchiette Pasta with Artichoke and Pancetta - the latter of which was quite chewy, perhaps because its pork belly. He enjoyed the ear-shaped pasta as well; it was of a taut texture that was springy and not too hard nor soft.

For my set, the first course was the Radicchio and Fontina Cheese Crepes - basically a meltingly soft crepe filled with Italian leaf chicory and bursting deliciously with luxurious serving of cheese.

For main course, The Beau had the Pork Tenderloin with Porcini Cream Sauce. The pork fillets were served in 3 neat slices. The pork was not exceedingly succulent, but do count on a good crunch to the solid slabs of meat. The creamy mushroom sauce gave the pork steak a tasty sweetness.

My main course was the Duck Breast with Balsamic Vinegar and Fig Marmalade Sauce. The duck breast slices were incredibly tender in this case, giving way to the knife easily, and melting in the mouth in a scrumptious heap of saltiness, sourness and sweet assortment of flavors.

For desserts, The Beau had the Mango Gelato - a very refreshing dessert with the right amount of tartness to it, but mango's strong aroma was intact definitely. Paired with lovely berries,  this dessert was definitely a cool welcome to the savoury dishes we had for dinner.

My dessert was the Chocolate Mousse Sponge Cake with Crushed Biscuits. The cake was moist and soft, filling the palate generously with dark cocoa's lovely taste. The crumbly base further enhanced the texture of the fluffy cake, completing our meal beautifully.

Besides that, there was a Polaroid shot taken of us being made into a Valentine's card as well as some macarons for us.

Everything was lovely and perfect - from the service to the food to the ambience. Thank you Ristorante Amarone for making our Valentine's Day a wonderful night.

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