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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Drinks at Lantern Bar @ Fullerton Bay Hotel (again)

80 Collyer Quay, Rooftop level, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore 049326

There are some places that I could visit and revisit time and again, and still love to go there... maybe make it a regular hangout despite the many competitor lounges out there, each one more gorgeous than the last. One of them is the Lantern Bar at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

I love this pool side for its enchanting presentation, as well as very relaxing ambience by the pools lit to look like they are filled with blue diamonds. The service wasn't much to speak of, sadly - it wasn't Ladies Night yet the servers were hard to be located.

Read about my last visit here. where I came for a night of food and chilling out.

Anyway, besides the tentage one could sit in (as per my last visit), one could also choose to sit on the daybeds as above photograph, or the comfortable Balinese-style settees like this. Yes, this was where we sat tonight, kissed by the breezes and pampered by the magnificent night views of the vicinity.

*V had a Tiger Beer (SGD$17.00 for draft) - overly priced Tiger , haha. But she likes beer, and I believe drinking it by such gorgeous views might make the beer taste even better.... I don't know. We were chilling out, anyway.

For me, I had wanted to try some cocktail named Red Lantern (Tequila and some fruit juices) but I changed my mind in the end and ordered my usual Classic Mojito (SGD$23.00). I loved the flavor - the rum was done just nice in this case, and the minty overture were strong the way I adore my Mojito.

It was a lovely night and we could have sat here forever (at least I could).

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