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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Dinner at Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh @ Rangoon Road

208 Rangoon Road, Level 1, Hong Building, Singapore 218453
Tel: 6291 4537

After my first Bak Kut Teh review (view here), I decided to try Ng Ah Sio at Rangoon Road, since I heard so much ravings about it.

The location was by the main road so very easy to spot; the interior was spacious and brightly lit. The small touches of decor strewn around the restaurant were rather delightful in their simplicity.

The menu was limited on the choices of soup but vast on the list of sides.

We started with drinks - Lime juice for The Beau and Warm Barley for me.

The Beau had the Signature Pork Ribs Soup while I had the Signature Spare Ribs Soup. The meat was tender and the soup was heavily peppered, giving it a strong taste very welcoming especially on a rainy evening as such.

We had the Braised Eggs as well, one of my favorite food.

He ordered a large bowl of rice so I could steal a couple of spoonfuls for my hot soup.

Next, The Beau's favorite DoughStick (you tiao), which we took two bowls of. These were rather crispy and tasted good soaked in the soup , but I guess everyone knows that.

Lastly, of course a plate of vegetables to balance the meal - Xiao Bai Cai - fresh and soothing.

Overall, the food and service here was better than average. The portions may look deceptively small, but they were very filling. Like many Bak Kut Teh restaurants, one may ask for refill of soup as well.  The two of us spent a total of SGD$29.00 for dinner.

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