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Friday, 21 November 2014

Guerlain Beauty Event at Tangs Orchard

310 Orchard Road #level 1 Tangs Orchard, Singapore 238864
Tel: 6733 3720

Guerlain (pronounced as "ge-larn") is having an event again! Anyway, this time I decided to attend, and there would be three of my friends there anyway - two new, one being *Charmaine. So, the event started at 7pm at Tangs Orchard, right at the Guerlain counter.

The place was all set up, with a makeover stand in the middle, and the staff were all looking especially good. They were testing the mike while we registered ourselves.

There were glasses of Champagne and juices as promised, as well as trays of canapes such as ham-mayo sandwiches, chocolate cakes, mini fruit tarts and mini quiches etc. 

While sipping the drinks over mingling sessions, we were also treated to free sessions of express Manicure, as promised - and there were 3 hues to choose from, all festive shades in red and gold. Most of us chose the dark red - using Guerlain nail polish, of course.

There was also a Caricature artist at one station, helping all of us sketch adorable caricatures - I didn't get to do it because I was busy with other stuff and did not join the long queue.

Jose Luis Yuve (international makeup artist) flew in from France to do a demonstration on a model right in the middle of the event, transforming her from a natural beauty into a bewitching glamour queen in less than 30 minutes. 

So, after the makeover demonstration, we wasted no time experimenting with the products ourselves or by the various makeup staff around. Jose the man was mingling around, adding a touch or two here / there to transform us further. 

This was him doing his rounds and working his magic on one of the participants. It was amazing what a sweep or two of pearl powder / serum could do to enhance one's skin and features so greatly.

Jose also did a full eyes makeover for me using their eyeshadow palette. The effect was very ....dramatic - like, vamp meets glamour queen, and I loved them all. The lipstick (limited festive shade #327) was so beautiful yet creamy smooth instead of dry. 

Needless to say, there were some loots besides the door gift after the event. It was a fun and enriching event - lovely catching up with friends, discovery of great products, and making the acquaintance of Jose Luis Yuve himself.

Thank you, Guerlain!

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