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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Dessert at Berrylite @ Parkway Parade

80 Parkway Parade Road #B1-83J, Parkway Parade, Singapore 499269

I have always been a fan of Yami Yogurt for their delicious frozen yogurt with fresh toppings, and had yet to meet a suitable competitor for it till *Charmaine brought me to Berrylite @ Parkway Parade after dinner one day.

The price is reasonable and there are many flavors of fat-free, frozen yogurt to choose from. The fresh toppings are very generous - even though I'd chosen the lychees and promengranite. I was skeptical as to how different their yogurt could taste, but I was hooked from first bite. The Blueberry Yogurt I ordered was ultra soft  and smooth in the mouth, like soft cool silk draping across the tongue, bringing with it a rich berry taste (like those blueberry chewy sweets we ate when young).

I was converted - I love Berrylite's yogurt. The only catch is that they have rather limited outlets.

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