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Monday, 13 October 2014

Lunch at Ramen Play @ Breadtalk HQ

30 Tai Seng Street, #01-03 Breadtalk HQ, Singapore 534013
Tel: 6444 5516

I have been to Ramen Play a few times for lunches, but never thought of blogging about it. However, as today's venue is at Breadtalk's Headquarters - a rather interesting place crowded with all of the chain eateries from the same company - Ramen Play, Din Tai Fung, Food Republic, Breadtalk bakery.... so I decided to write about it.

The decor here is rather interesting - with these ancient Chinese restaurant's style of thatched roofs and intricate pillars etc.  It was surprisingly crowded at lunchtime even though this was located all the way at Tai Seng area.

I started with a Super Yuzu drink (SGD$4.50) as a thirst quencher. This drink was decidedly delicious - sweet with citrusy overtures and tiny slivers of yuzu peels. The fizziness was refreshing, and what is best is that one could choose to add a dash of alcoholic to this drink.

*Issac had the Coke with a dash of lemon.

For starters, there was the Bamboo Chicken (SGD$4.50)- lovely minced tender chicken meat stuffed into bamboo sticks, juicy-tasting and tasty with hints of smoky flavor. I tried dipping part of it into the beaten egg yolk, but preferred the taste without the eggy dip.

Then we also had the Chicken Gyoza (SGD$4.00++ for 3 pieces) - usually I don't like gyozas much. This one surprised me though - the skin was crispy akin to fried wantons, and the inside was juicy and succulent as well, making it extremely appetite whetting.

My main was the Chashu Miso Ramen - complete with flavored eggs, a delicious broth and plenty of greens, the way I like it. The pork was cooked to lovely tenderness, but what I was most amazed by was the springy noodles. Uusally I don't like my noodles soft - but this managed to be soft yet bouncy. It slid smoothly into the mouth easily.

*Issac had the Spicy Yakiniku Ramen - I remember trying it before and not finding it spicy at all, but he enjoyed his ramen.

All in all, the dining experience at this Ramen Play outlet was rather nice.

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