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Friday, 3 October 2014

Dinner at Five Star Chicken Rice Restaurant

No. 7 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599732
Tel: 6466 3000

I have heard of Five Star Hainese Chicken Rice for a while, but never gotten to try it. Since we were craving for chicken rice that evening, The Beau and I decided to pop by Five Star. It was a nondescript little restaurant amongst a row of eateries along Bukit Timah area.

We started with a platter of Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce (SGD$5.00) as a palate cleanser, and vegetables are a must-have in every meal, to make it balanced. The Kai Lan was fresh and crisp, and the oyster sauce was just right to be tasty but not overly salty.

Next, we also shared a plate of Prawn Paste Chicken (SGD$10.00) - very crispy skin and tender flesh. However, while there were hints of smokiness to enhance the flavor of this deep fried dish, we could not detect much of the taste of prawn paste.

The Beau had a Chicken Rice (SGD$5.40) , roasted. The chicken meat (whatever we could find) was soft and tender, moistened with the sauce, and the skin was crispy. However, though we ordered chicken back / thigh, there was not much meat and we were just filtering bones from the chicken, sadly. The rice was of a good texture - not too soft nor too hard, and infused with the aromatic fragrance of ginger with chicken broth.

I had a Wanton Noodle (SGD$4.00), dry. The wanton (dumplings) were tiny and infused in soup. The filling was tender but rather tasteless so I had to eat them with chilli. The noodle was soft, not the crispy way I usually prefer my noodles, but the gravy was fabulous. There was a very traditional taste to the wanton noodle sauce - a blend of dark sauce and something that I could not describe. I liked it enough that I could have eaten with noodles with the sauce alone.

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