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Friday, 4 July 2014

Lunch at Quarter to Three Cafe

The chosen lunch venue today is Quarter to Three Cafe, located at 88 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088509 and the number to dial is 6222 2214.  It is situated amongst a row of shophouses alongside many other restaurants, bars and cafes.

We entered the restaurant upon its opening hour at 12noon, and it was pretty empty. We were drawn to the chic, neat setting with high tables made of smooth polished wood and brick walls, giving the cafe a quasi-European feel. Comfort was definitely exuded, inviting diners to relax and enjoy good desserts and coffee.

The next thing that drew me was the shelf of delectable-looking pastries, and the Rainbow Cakes caught my eyes for sure - available in both chocolate and icing coatings.

*Katherine's Latte (DGS$5.50) was being served first, a rather aromatic milky coffee with lovely latte art.

I had the Vanilla Latte (SGD$6.00) that came with a sweet, creamy vanilla flavor that was rather prominent.

The Bockwurst Set (SGD$14.90) came first, consisting of pork sausage that was rather crunchy in texture with a light, meaty flavor, and soft foccacia bread. The shitake mushrooms enhanced the taste of the platter with its richer flavor.

Next, my thick slice of Rainbow Cake (SGD$9.80) was being served - it goes by the fanciful name of "Watching Rainbow" and had a very soft, fluffy texture as compared to the one I tried at Backstage Cafe. However, its cotton-soft layers only tasted like sweet sponge cake, every layer the same. Unlike the Rainbow Cake at Backstage Cafe - which although was hard, had rather distinctive flavors such as lemon, etc.

The Lobster Bisque (SGD$7.90) was our last indulgence, a hot plate of soup that lacked the delicious taste of cream (which is usually found in good lobster bisque soups), was a little diluted without the sweetness of lobster, and devoid of lobster flesh at all.

All in all, we spent a total of SGD44.00 for two, enjoying the coffee and ambience above all else.

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