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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lunch at Paul's Bakery / Restaurant / Cafe @ Takashimaya

391A Orchard Road #03-16 / 17 Ngee Ann City Tower A, Singapore 238873
Tel: 8836 5932

The pretty Tai-tais and I were headed excitedly for Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge & Restaurant for lunch originally, only to find that it was closed and replaced by another tea lounge (so why didn't they remove the misleading info on their website?)

Hence we decided to go over to Paul's Bakery located also in Ngee Ann City Tower A. For *Sharona, it was because it reminded her of the Paul's in Paris. For *Chantal it was because she has not been here yet. As for me, I was not impressed during my first visit here, but decided to give it another shot. Read my previous review here.

It still looked good with the chandeliers and tastefully decorated interior, as expected of most French restaurants / cafes / patisseries. It still offered a large assortment of delectable looking pastries, and still attracted a long line of diners waiting to head in for a good meal / tea.

Bread was served after we placed our orders - rather hard baguette but accompanied with the softest, smoothest butter that glided over the rough surfaces of the bread beautifully.

I also had a hot, steaming cup of Cuppaccino (SGD$7.90) to perk me up - delicious flavor of hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate amidst aromatic coffee taste. I loved the thick froth at the top.

I started with a Tartine Saumon (SGD$19.90) - smoked salmon, avocado, leek , mixed herbs and cheese. The smoked salmon was succulent and not too salty, and I love the combination of this cold, slimy delicacy wrapped around buttery avocado, nestling atop crispy slices of toast.  It was a healthy but satisfactory concoction of all my favorite things, done in flavors that danced across the tongue.

*Chantal had the Omelette Complete (SGD$14.90) - omelette with slices of grilled turkey ham, mushrooms and cheese served with salad, Provencal tomatoes and potatoes. It was a flavorful piece of culinary art, with the eggs beaten well and taste was well-accorded with a nice balance of the fillings within the protein-rich omelette.

*Sharona had the Nicoise Salad (SGD$19.90) - comprising of tuna, olives, tomatoes, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and tuna on strips of crispy toast. It was another healthy dish that passed the tongue's test with flying colors.

Time for desserts after our lunch!

I had the Raspberry Tart (SGD$7.90) - Tartlette Framboises - classic fruit tartlet made with a crispy, buttery pastry crust, filled with creme patissiere and topped with raspberries. Contrary to its glossy, syrupy-looking photos, the real tart came with raspberries powdered with sugar / icing instead, giving the sour fruits a sweet guise. The pastry crust was delicious though, and the creme fillings was silky smooth with a light, lovely flavor.

*Chantal had the Millefeuille Fraises - crispy golden puff pastry, strawberry creme-filled Napoleon cake topped with light apricot glaze. The combination of textures - crispiness, soft creamy sweetness and juicy bits of real strawberries embedded within this pretty pastry was a sinful necessity in itself - lovely!

*Sharona had the Millefeuille Mango - another Napoleon with crispy puff pastry, mango creme-filled cake with real bits of mango clasped within the layers of delicious pastries and creme combination - a lovely tropical twist to the original French tradition.

Three of us spent a total of SGD$96.00, feeling happy and hearty, and I am glad that I gave Paul's Bakery another try!

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