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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Chilling out at Fabrika by Chivas 18 @ Klapsons

Address: 16 Hoe Chiang Road , Level 17, Klapsons The Boutique Hotel, 
Singapore 089316 (Tel: 6521 9030)

I believe that it took me about three tries before I finally got to chill at Fabrika @ Klapsons finally, because they are always having private events! Sounds like my Lantern @ Fullerton experience. lol. It was worth the wait though, because the sunset was breathtaking and it was setting over our heads.

This signature rooftopbar atop a new boutique hotel was very spacious and well-furnished, much to my surprised delight. The bar counter was long, and there were choices of high tables by the balcony or cushy couches for unwinding in. The live band was belting out lots of good songs the entire night as well.

We chose a spot close to the skyline, overlooking gorgeous views that got more so with the darkening skies, and offered us soothing breezes.

While browsing the menus, we were served snacks such as nuts in cute little containers shaped like pots and pans.

Then our one-for-one Reds, Whites and beers were being served first, to kickstart the night of chilling out. 

We shared the Let's Chicken Out platter (SGD$26.00) consisting of chicken wings, chicken meatballs and grilled boneless chicken leg, served with BBQ sauce and sambal chilli. Well, a rather delightful and meaty platter to go along with drinks.

The I See Food platter (SGD$28.00) was being served next - a sinful but delicious platter of battered scallops, prawns and squids etc served with remoulade sauce and shoyu for dips. I reckoned they went well with drinks as well - and the crab claws were actually mounted on sugar cane sticks, adding a touch of sweetness to the savoury, crispy item.

We also had an item that we consider a "must-have" at bars / pubs - the Topshells (SGD$15.00) - served with onions, chilli and lime. The topshells were large and juicy - would've been nicer if more spicy (in my humble opinion).

I wasted a Chivas Passion cocktail (SGD$23.00) forgetting how much Whisky repulses me, and settled for a (much better) Mojito instead. All in all, Fabrika @ Klapsons is a lovely place for a fun time in an open-concept bar overlooking one of the busiest business districts in Singapore. I think 6 of us spent about SGD$240++

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