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Monday, 23 June 2014

Brunch at Backstage Cafe

It was time for brunch and off I went with *Katherine, at this hidden cafe in an industrial area - Backstage Cafe.  The exact location is 158 Kallang Way, #01-06 Safekeep Building, Singapore 349245. The number to dial is 6743 6893.

Backstage Cafe provides the perfect hideaway for busy executives to relax and have a drink or two, and the spacious cafe hosts a very relaxing ambience ideal for meals, chit-chat or hanging out. I heard that this place was started by media stars hence if one is lucky, they may catch sight of media artistes hanging out here or using this place as a location set.

I was first drawn to the desserts counter with its array of delectable looking cakes, before proceeding to check out the menu. Then I caught sight of something which I knew I had to have...

The Rainbow Cake (SGD$7.50) was the item I ordered first, since I have been having craving for it for a while. The bright colors were pure temptation, and I dug in happily. The first couple of bites gave us the impression that it was too hard and dry, but then we realized that a 7-layered cake could not be too moist - if not the cake would "sink". The texture grew on us, and the different colored layers provided different sweet flavors - the most prominent being lemon with its citrusy, sour charms.

We had the Crabmeat Pasta (SGD$16.00) next, cooked in pesto sauce and garlic, with chunks of crab meat and springy noodles. It was a rather tasty dish, but we thought the sapid sweetness of crabmeat should've been more prominent, instead of being obliterated by the tiny garlic cubes.

The Tori Karaage - fried chicken cubes (SGD$6.00) - were served next -  a little disappointing. The chicken chunks were not crispy enough; in fact it was rather oily / moist, with lots of fatty meats. The taste was quite all right, but being a fan of non-fats meat, I nibbled on tiny slivers of flesh and discarded the rest (a sinful act of waste of food, yes, regrettably).

Next up, the Deep-fried Shitake Mushrooms (SGD$7.00) - generous servings of huge black mushrooms deep fried to a golden texture and tender softness beneath its crispy outer layer. We appreciated that the mushrooms were halved instead of being cut into tiny pieces like other restaurants / cafes, so this dish got the thumbs up.

I had my Cuppacino fix (SGD$4.50), my favorite foamy hot brew with simple latte art but where was the chocolate / cocoa powder?

*Katherine had her Latte (SGD$4.50) - sweet milky coffee that I doubt anyone could go very wrong on preparing, right?

Overall, we spent a total of SGD$45.50 for two persons, in a comfortable environment with pretty acceptable food and impeccable service. No, we didn't spot any "stars" as we were leaving.

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