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Thursday, 1 May 2014

[Event] Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel - Sopra Cucina & Bar, Lounge and Rooms

Having enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at 10 Claymore before, I looked forward to heading to Sopra Cucina & Bar located at 10 Claymore Road #01-02 Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore 229540 and the number for reservation is 6884 6884. It is the first restaurant in Singapore to serve Sardinian cuisine (a type of Italian fare).

One may reach this elegant restaurant by the road itself (walk from Orchard Tower or Palais Renaissance), or one may simply descend a glossy flight of marble steps from the hotel lobby to reach Sopra's.

The interior is furnished in a sleek, contemporary and slightly rustic style, bringing out a very classic Italian flavor to it. A giant bar counter is nestled in front, and there is an assortment of bar counter seats, low dining tables or high tables for the diners to choose from. The ambience is cosy, comfortable and hearty.

I snagged a high table outside, intending to dine al fresco and enjoy the cool breezes of the impending evening. Guests were beginning to flock in gradually. I entertained myself with a glass of Cabernet Merlot (smooth!) while waiting.

Uniformed waitresses and waiters were circulating tables with trays of delicious canepes - so I helped myself to a mini skewer of Grilled Squid - finely sliced and utterly tasty (even succulent despite its chewy texture) amongst celery and olives. It was flavorful, needless to say, and a fine item from Sopra's main menu itself.

Next, the spoonful of Fregola pasta (tasted like barley) and bouncy, fresh prawn cooked in a delicious gravy - another delicacy from Sopra's ala carte menu. Taste-wise, it was a good savoury-sweetish combination and the roasted semolina pasta were actually rather fun to chew, like pearls (in bubble teas). My friend commented that the best way to eat it was in one mouthful, which he did, but for me I used the spoon and ate daintily - since the waitress gave me this tiny metal teaspoon.

The other food item that was being offered was a slice of thin-crust pizza - while the ingredients were not distinguishable, the pizza was crispy, and inducive with the sapid aroma of cheese. The crust was crispy as well, so this item (also from Sopra's menu) deserved some taste merits too.

Following the above, we finally have a "canape" from 10 Claymore's "Global Plates of Pleasure" menu - the famous Char Kuey Teow with fresh shrimps, Chinese sausage, eggs and spring onions. I am glad to be able to eat this Chinese delicacy again - the prawn was still as fresh and springy in texture, the kuey teow noodles were still smooth and the overall flavor was still scrumptious.

After dinner, it was a little rest and relaxation in the Pacific Club Lounge - a gorgeous, luxuriant lounge exuding nothing but waves of delight to its guests.

Talk about being treated like royalty! Plushy, lavish couch seats and settees, elegant European furniture and thick carpeting, complete with a mini buffet counter for the guests to indulge in - feel free to be spoilt here.

This is the posh, comforting meeting room that looks so inviting with its tasteful interior decor and soothing lightings. It has a little bit of a "cabinet" kind of regal feel, but that does not stop it from exuding a classy charm of its own.

Now, the elevator doors open to reveal some very lovely and intricate furniture welcoming us with an arty embrace.

The luxurious room with good furniture and comfortable beds - tempting to book a staycation right away, or just doze off in the soft, mellow sheets right here.

This is the larger room, complete with a larger work console and more space. Another temptation luring one's into Morpheus's arms right here.

One of the suites - elegant interior with advanced eletrical gadgets and an open concept. I have been in one of these before, spending part of the night with a girlfriend on her staycation here sometime back. Talk about being pampered and comfort level - this room definitely tops the points scales.

The bigger suite  - providing a home away from home for its visitors and guests. A modernistic appeal with a chic finish, soothing in its own way.

What's not to love about a transparent bathroom scales? 

And a slick tub that is built into the grounds so that one could literally "step in" instead of having to "climb into" a tub above grounds level! Yes, this is definitely a very practical and comfortable tub to have a soak or two in.

Welcome to the pool area - when one seeks solace in sun's touches or the cool embrace of the waters. The deck chairs look so  inviting, believe me it took all sheer of willpower to not take a plunge and then spread myself out on the deck chairs right there and then.

Finally, their luxuriant St. Gregory's Spa - and bear in mind that even the bath products in this hotel come from here! 

What a gorgeous and tantalizing hotel, ain't it? Oh well, time to head back to Sopra's for another round of drinks!

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