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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dinner at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant

So, it was the annual Mother's Day cum Mother's birthday celebratory dinner, and this year, the chosen venue was Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant, located at 201 Keppel Road, Level 9, Singapore 099419 (the number for reservations is 6272 8822).

The reason why I chose this restaurant was because of its interesting revolving concept, thus offering sweeping views and taking panoramic scenes to another level altogether. The other reason is because this place was where my mother brought my grandmother to eat at, 30 years ago too, when my maternal grandmother was still alive. So this place holds nostalgic value. For some reason, I made reservations for 6, as usual, instead of for 5 now...

One steps off the elevator at level 9, and continue to ascend a long flight of red-carpeted stairs to reach the top, where delicious aroma assaults the nostrils and guests are being ushered to their tables. The interior (according to the Mom) hadn't changed much since her last visit - the same elegant Chinese restaurant settings in place, the same red carpeting and framed windows. I felt very comfortable in this sophisticated-but-not-overwhelming decor, and a couple of the service staff were very friendly and helpful too.

After ordering (with some recommendation from the lady who took our order), we were served appetisers of crispy pickled vegetables (salted vegetables) and braised peanuts to munch on while waiting for our food. We also had a hot pot of Chinese tea to go along with the meal.

The first item arrived - Shredded Scallops with Fish and Egg White (medium, SGD$45.00) - it looked different from the photo I saw online at their website, but we were assured that it was the very same one. We were encouraged to add vinegar to it, so we gave it a shot. The dish was tasty with the sapid flavor of egg white and sweetness of scallops and fish. It was an interesting item, cooked to be something that tasted like, say, dry shark's fin soup or dry fish maw soup kind of taste. We liked it.

Then our Xiao Long Baos (SGD $22.00) came, a tray of 10 piping hot, crystal-skinned buns containing delicious broth and succulent minced pork meat within their wombs. Recommended to eat them hot, duh.

Next up, we had the Authentic Peking Duck (SGD$65.00) - oh well, the skin portion first. It was very crispy and tasty - and we loved the egg-flavored flour skin it came with for the wrap. There was black sweet bean paste sauce, cucumber slices and spring onion stalks served together for the wrap too.

After quite a while, we finally got to see and taste the rest of the duck. It was so tender, I couldn't help having 2 - 3 pieces because the flesh nearly melted in one's mouth. The taste was light but the aroma of fresh duck meat was eminent. This was a keeper for sure.

Next up, we had the Brussels Sprouts (kailan) (medium, SGD $30.00) stir-fried in oyster sauce, something healthy and green for what was to be a heavy meal. The vegetables were fresh and sweetly-crispy, and we appreciated that the oyster sauce was not too salty.

They served the Mushrooms with Beancurd (medium, SGD$30.00) afterwards. This was a fairly normal dish - tofu with nearly crispy skin and very silky tender interior, carrot slices, shiitake mushrooms cooked to perfect softness and peas, all tossed in a starchy gravy.

Finally, we ended the meal with Fried Ee-fu Noodles (small, SGD$20.00) - this one contained ingredients such as chives, chicken strips, mushrooms and beansprouts. The noodles was quite tasty, but somehow it lacked the deliciousness of ee-fu noodles served during some wedding banquets. Something missing?

Their desserts looked very tempting and unique, but we did not order because we brought our own cake for the Mom. The entire meal cost SGD$258.00 for five persons. Let me share photos of the revolved views accompanying us for a heart-warming dinner - from dusk to sunset to nightfall.

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