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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chillout at Urban Fairways Cafe Bar

Located at CBD area with its prominent, neon-lit name so bold and striking against the stately office buildings, I have been curious about Urban Fairways for a while.

When I learned that it was an indoor golf range as well as a cafe / pub, it piqued my interest enough to drop by for a simple chillout. Urban Fairways is located at 168 Robinson Road, #01-07 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912 and its contact number is 6327 8045.

One is immediately drawn to the 8-meter fully-stocked bar when they enter this cafe bar. You can get any drink imaginable, from alcoholic beverages to coffee / teas and fruit juices.

This is the other side of the cafe bar, where one can indulge in drinks and 18 holes on one of their 50 world-class golf courses. Check out this high tech way of playing golf, in the comfort of cool temperature and good music.

I gave it a small shot (being completely undressed for the occasion, yes). This was an entirely different feel of playing in drive range or golf courses - no winds in the hair but the pretty golf courses still manage to stretch for miles beyond one's imagination. Oh, by the way the service of the crew is great too - warm and friendly.

The 19th Hole is probably the name of their cafe. Anyway, for nighttime the menu is limited to finger foods. We were a little disappointed because reviews all raved about the best Steak Sandwich, which was not to be found.  I had myself a Mojito (SGD$19.00) - drug of choice nowadays, to start the evening off. Not bad, rather refreshing and one could taste the generous serving of rum in their good-sized Mojito.

We gave their 19th Hole Nachos (SGD$14.00) with salsa, guacamole, mozarella and sour cream - a shot. The minced beef was rather tasty and heavy on flavor, and the sour cream was light the way I like it. The chips were lovely grain chips but too bad the bottom lot was made soggy by the mozarella cheese.

The Quesadilla de Fairways (SGD$14.00) consisting of homemade salsa, mozarella and cheddar cheese, was nothing to be impressed about. The layer of floury skin was somewhat crunchy and chewy; the fillings were somewhat watery, though one could roughly taste the flavors of cheese and salsa sauce.

Having completed our light munchies and drinks, it was time to head upstairs to check it out (yes, they have two levels).

There was a small round table, dart board and lots of golf clubs up here.

And another indoor golf range here for more golf-players. Urban Fairways makes for a great chillout venue because of its location and hospitable reception, as well as the interesting concept of a golf cafe bar. I believe that for functions, this place is perfect too, with the right activities to keep the patrons suitably entertained.

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