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Friday, 25 April 2014

High Tea at 10 Scotts @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

I chanced upon this place when *Joan suggested meeting up in town - I have tried quite a few tea spots around, but as we both skipped lunch, I thought a high tea spot sounded rather becoming. After browsing some reviews online, I decided on 10 Scotts located at 10 Scotts Road, Level One, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore 228211 and the number for reservations is 6738 1234.

The dimly-lit interior was spacious and exquisitely-furnished in rich, refined tones and lovely, classic English furniture. It was comfort at first sight, without being too ostentatious or intimidating in its elegance. The service staff were all pleasant and friendly.

The High Tea concept here is rather interesting - consisting of a short buffet counter and also a two-tiered tray of savoury goodies served to us shortly upon being seated. The buffet counter showcases an array of cakes and other delectable desserts.

At the other end of the buffet counter, a hardworking Chef makes "Fried Ice-Cream" that looks like sunny side up eggs. A pity I did not get to try this interesting-looking item as I was very full by the time we finished whatever we had on our table.

Next to the Chef, this is where they serve the rice with chips and curries - an interesting twist to an afternoon high tea buffet.  As delectable as it seems, this was one of the less popular stations I noticed. No, I did not get to try the tempting looking pots of curries as well.

We also have an entire fridge-full of tiny bowls of salads and desserts-in-tubs that one could help themselves to. I did not get to try this too (did my appetite shrink so drastically that I am actually saying NO to two desserts?)

This is the bread and cheese corner where one could induldge to their hearts' contend.

*Joan tried some rather fluffy-soft bread and cheese slices but I gave the bread counter a miss.

Now, this was my starter. The Chocolate Tart was very yummy - soft chocolate crust with hints of crunchiness filled with rich but not-too-sweet ganache - the blackberries atop were like icing on the cake for me. I also enjoyed the Fruit Tart - crunchy crust with a buttery center topped with delicious fruits. Right smack in the middle is the Berries and Fig Brownie - the first bite was a rich wonderment and the last bite left one craving for me - but then I always love combination of chocolate with fruits combination.

The Two-Tiered Tray of savoury delicacies was being served. The Beef Pastrami (that one that is rolled up) - is made up of a nice grainy "crepe" type dough sheet with a sheet of tender beef rolled into it - overall taste was rather flavorful.  The Quiche was pretty normal, but I kind of liked its light soft crust stuffed with fragrant baked cheese.

I liked the Prawn and Quail Egg Salad - too bad they only served one small dish for two to share. I loved the succulent freshness of the prawn and I love quail eggs, so needless to say, this item topped my list for today.

Another savoury delicacy - the Curry Puffs - so crispy, flaky and the spicy interior was stuffed with minced chicken meat and potatoes. While the crust was flakey, rest assured that there is a solidness to it that prevented the crust falling as crumbs all over the table, unlike 1A curry puffs (which these curry puffs reminded me of - don't get me wrong, I do like 1A).

The freshly prepared Popiah (spring roll) was stuffed full with ingredients as well, but the overall taste was rather bland. The ingredients comprised of sweetly crisp vegetables and shrimps.

Next on the list, Crab Cake - a very sumptuous pastry with crispy outer skin and a womb bursting wtih real, sweet crab meat. I read that this was one of the better items for the high tea, and it sure met expectations. Sinful and fattening, yes, but these are the main traits of very scrumptious food items, no? My tastebuds agree!

Now we have very freshly-baked scones that were so good they nearly melted in my mouth. We even skipped the jams and creams served with these crumbly pastries and savoured its lightly saccharine flavor instead.

I would say that the high tea buffet was rather satisfactory, with a few items worth mentioning and recommending, for sure. We also liked the idea of free flow beverages not limited to choices of tea, coffee, hot / cold chocolate, smoothies and fresh juices. One could even have multiple different drinks throughout the tea session.

 The buffet is priced at SGD43.00++ per person for weekday afternoons, and in total we spent SGD$50.00 each after prevailing government taxes.

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