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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tea break at Loysels Toys Cafe

Been there once, back there twice. This quaint little cafe is located by the Crawford River, in a lone building that no one would expect would house a lovely cafe in its premises. But yes, we are talking about Loysel's Toys (the Coffee Crafters) located at 66 Kampong Bugis #01-01 Sam Tat Building, Singapore 338987 and the number is 6292 2306.

This place is perfect for anyone who is seeking for a serene, casual and relaxing setting to chill out, catch up or simply chow on light delicacies over good coffee. There is an almost non-pretentious air about this place, and they serve savoury food such as sandwiches and roast chicken here as well as sweet pastries like croissants, muffins and cakes.

I started with the Butternut Carrot Soup - a saltish, sweet soup that was thick and not too creamy. The aroma of carrots was an obvious hint of the nutrional value of this steamy hot soup. There were crumbs of focaccia in the soup - I would've preferred the bread to be served on the side though, so that the bread retains its crispiness.

Next, the Soy Mocha that I had loved so much during my last visit. I had nearly forgotten about it because my preferred coffee lately is usually Cappuccino, but being here reminded me of my favorite Soy Mocha. The steamy hot of caffeine here is rich in coffee's aroma and redolent of chocolate's sweetness; the hint of soy gave a smoothness to the coffee, heightening its sensation.

I paired the coffee with this pretty little thing - Elderberry Yogurt Muffin. I had been debating between the gigantic Almond Croissant, Lemon Tart or another cake when I saw this. The word "yogurt" immediately had me drawn, and I chose this. The first bite was heavenly - sweet, but with delectable hints of berries. The texture was a solid flufiness, and the entire thing was not too flakey or sweet. I thought this was a really perfect dessert / muffin. Note that I am usually not a muffin fan.

Satisfied with a lovely little meal at this little cafe, I spent SGD$15.00 and left with a happy mood.

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