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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Dinner at 10 @Claymore

I would never have discovered this gem of a fine dining place called 10 @ Claymore if  not for the Buddy, *Sidney. Tucked away in the inner heart of Orchard, 10 @ Claymore is Pan Pacific Orchard's signature restaurant , located at 10 Claymore Road, Lobby Level, Singapore 229540 and the number to get connected is 6737 0811.

This elegant, exquisite restaurant with dim lightings and Balinese-style furniture, casting a tranquil and beautiful embiance for its diners, is busy winning the hearts of buffet fanatics with its "Plates of Pleasure" a la carte buffet concept where guests can enjoy unlimited plates of premium meats and other specialities presented in miniature portions and served a la minute.

Browsing the different counters to explore what I should start with, I came across the Japanese counter - where variety of sushi is not alot, but the soba (cold noodles) and sushi looked very fresh. The colors were vivid and almost photographic. The Sashimi counter makes one salivate as well, with its display of assorted raw seafood and a friendly Chef serving whatever the guest orders.

Next, the counter serving breads, cheese, crackers and dried fruits - an array of sinful indulgences for the cheese lovers. So many kinds of quality cheese to choose from, and accompaniments, I knew we were spoilt for choice definitely.

Now, the roast Wagyu beef section, where tender slices of premium beef are being cut and served on the spot, as and when the patron requests for it.  

The fresh Seafood section continues, encased in an enchanting glow of ocean-colored lights, showcasing its varieties of shelled items, crabs and prawns. The combination of beauty, freshness and taste combined - who could resist but to grab an item or two from this ice case?

After that, my eyes roved upon the Desserts counters and lit up immediately - my, my, check out the assortment of fresh fruits, panna cottas, creme brulee, mini pieces of colorful cakes and pastries, and a vivacious display of Fondue accompaniments. I knew I had to attack this counter no matter what.

We started with the fresh platter of mixed Sashimi - Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Octupus and Squid - every item was expertly cut and every piece was juicy, springy and saccharine with freshness. 

The Raw Oysters were to be reckoned with too - fresh (and according to *Sidney, live!) and humongous oysters that was undoubtedly ddelicious, especially after the squeezes of lemon unto it. They went nearly too smoothly down one's throats. Tempting to take more, but we abstained.

Next, the Australian Volcanic Grilled Beef - from the "Plates of Pleasure" menu. It was a petite portion all right, but the tenderness was well-noted. The knife went through the red meat easily, and the taste was a smokey hint of deliciousness. Tiny pieces of grilled pototoes were served alongside, heightening the flavor.

We tried the Canadian Honey Shoyu Glazed Cod - another fillet of heaven that was succulent and melted in one's mouth in a mess of sweet, savoury flavors. I always love Cod, but this jewel was so tasty and fresh.

Another item from the "Plates of Pleasure", the Indonesian Tiger Prawn Char Kuey Teow - I tasted large cockles but no prawns, but admittedly, the overall taste of this Asian dish was good, smooth and light in flavor - not greasy too. Though personally, I would prefer my char kuey teow a little more charred, with hints of smokey taste.

Last but not least, Japanese Crackling Soft Shell Crab - also from the "Plates of Pleasure" list. Crackling is right - the outside of this delicacy was crispy, and the insides were soft and sumptuous. The white sauce they used was not quite mayonnaise, but that, and the strips of seaweed, added a touch of saltish hint to the slightly-sweet flesh of this dish. It was great, really.

Now, I was too full to attack the Cheese or Desserts counter, but I had to make room for their famous Durian Crepe, at *Sidney's recommendation. The light, fluffy skin of the crepe was folded in layers and concealed a thick, gooey, rich durian paste within it. The first bite was redolent with durian's strong aroma, and the buttery-soft crepe added a sandy, silky texture to the overall experience. It was good - if you don't eat durians, fret not. The crepes come in other flavors such as chocolate, etc, as well.

The meal would  be SGD$62++ per person, truly well-deserving of its price.

Thank you, *Sidney!

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