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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentine's Dinner at Cafe Mosaic @ Carlton Hotel (2013)

All right, this is a re-post / republished post from another Blog of mine. Just wanted to share the romantic ambience and lovely dinner provided by Cafe Mosaic at Carlton Hotel at 76 Bras Basah Road, Level One, Carlton Hotel, Singapore 189558, and the number to dial is 6311 8195.

So, in lieu of the usual ala carte dinners of past years at French / Italian restaurants, it was my turn to plan for this year (2013). I did some research and comparison, and decided to give Cafe Mosaic's Valentine's Buffet package a try.  Cafe Mosaic is a contemporary cafe serving East-meets-West concept cuisine.

The place used to be Cafe Vic, serving a rather famous durian buffet. I had been debating to try or not for a long time, and then they closed after the revamp, and reopened as Cafe Mosaic. I was curious how a buffet concept would be like, despite the fact that I am a small eater and no fan of buffet recently. Ok, don't count high teas.

Nicely decorated with sugar-carved figurines and balloons, resplendent of romantic red-and-pink themes suitable for Valentine's Day, we could see that we were not the only ones eager for celebration at this new cafe. Many well-dressed couples were already at the door, lining up when we got there at 6.30pm.

Even the food stations were adorned with Valentine's Day themes, but that was to be expected. There were sumptuous spread of seafood, meat, Chinese dimsum and of course, desserts. 

We started with appetizers like salad and seafood and slowly worked our way through the Japanese delicacies and Chinese dimsum items. The spread had quite a few variety and assortments of items - typical buffet items.  We dined to soft music playing in the background, and rather good service of the service crew who constantly came to check if we were good with our food etc.

I could not resist desserts of course - and they had plenty of cakes and chocolates decorated in lovely heart-shaped themes as well. Needless to say, these were very sweet endearments and the perfect finish to a savoury dinner.

Besides the dinner, the package also consisted of a stalk of rose for the ladies, two glasses of iced wine and a photograph taken by the service crew / photographer for us. It was a simple but satisfactory celebration, having enjoyed a peaceful, serene dinner and polishing it off with sweet, light wines. 

They also gave us a box of palatable and gorgeous cupcakes by their bakery bar, Tuxedo

I would recommend this for all couples seeking to break away from the usual 3-6 courses fine-Valentine's dining sets.

Happy Valentine's Day 2014 to all!

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