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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Maneuvring Malaysia - Going Genting

So, after Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, we take a look at Genting Highlands itself, also known as the Resort World Genting. It is an integrated resort on the top of the mountains 6000 feet above sea level, with hotels, casinos, restaurants and theme parks to suit families, couples and friends looking to enjoy a short vacation in the cool terrains.

Hotels-wise, Genting Highlands has a few to offer. First World Hotel, with its colorful, clownlike themes, is the most famous (or infamous), large block of hotels that comes to mind first. If you do not fancy it, fret not, Theme Park Hotel with its castle-like structure or the more serene Genting Hotel, Resort Hotel or Highlands Hotel. Most of these hotels come with restaurants, shops and casinos within.

The beautiful mountain views are breathtaking and refreshing, look at how Mother Nature has transformed the skies and mountains into a picturesque scene of it own, made lively by the swirling clouds and passing winds. Now I understood what my mother used to say about "cloud passing over us" coldness - it was a fabulous feeling, albeit the stark coldness.

One may also pop by to the edge of the mountains to see the Cradle Rock, a beautiful viewing point for the photographers and nature views lovers.

                               Photo source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chin_Swee_Caves_Temple_KL10.JPG

Also, there are also the Mushroom Farms and Chin Swee Caves Temples to visit, if one pleases. The latter is a Taoist temple offering peace and respite for those seeking it, atop the most scenic spot in Genting Highlands itself.

For those who would like to try their luck or pass time at the slot machines or table games etc, there are several casinos you may like to drop by. Two largest ones would be the Casino De Genting and Starworld Casino.


                                       Photo Source: http://www.rwgenting.com/en/themepark/highlights/past.htm

There is a large Genting Outdoor Theme Park offering Roller Coaster, Pirate Ship, Space Shot, Spinner, Corkscrew, Flying Coaster, Grand Prix Fun Kart, Dinosaur Land, Teacup, Flying Jumbo, Mini Train, Double Deck Carousel and Children's Rides such as Rodeo's Rides etc.

                             Photo Source: http://www.creditscards.com.my/2013/11/hong-leong-bank-entry-pass-discount-at-genting-first-world-indoor-theme-park-snowworld/

And the First World Indoor Theme Park - offering less frightening rides and shelter from the sun and rain. The rides include Sky Venture, Snow World, Video Games Park, Rio Float, Reindeer Cruiser, Flying Dragon, Euro Express, Mini Train and 4D Motion Master. My personal is the Gondola Rides on the indoor, man-made canal.

                     Photo source: http://revolution2007.wordpress.com/2007/01/13/genting-highlands-trip/

Yes, the quirky Ripley's Believe it or Not museum - filled with many weird but unbelievable, even bewildering exhibits, fact sheets and "try these" experiments, leaving one feeling befuddled when you step out, overwhelmed with incredulous knowledge. This is a great place to lose oneself for hours on end.

                           Photo Source: http://static.mydeal.com.my/sites/default/files/huntedA.jpg

Or one could pop into the Haunted Adventure (Ghost House) for a false scare or two.  Think, darkened interiors, howling noises and "objects" that suddenly popped out to startle you. Personally, I did not find this too scary, but then I was prepared for it in a way.

There are also other activities such as Darts, Rock Climbing, theaters, or coffee places such as Starbucks and Old Town White Coffee cafes for anyone looking to keep themselves occupied, or shops such as local brands or Coach to keep the shopaholics satisfied.

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