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Saturday, 22 February 2014

High Tea at Tea Lounge @ Regent Hotel

After high teas at L'espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel and Rose Verandah at Shangri-La, I decided to go for Tea Lounge at Regent Hotel, because these three supposedly served English-style high teas. Tea Lounge is located at 1 Cuscaden Road, Ground Floor, The Regent, Singapore 249715 and the number to dial is 6725 3246.

So, besides providing a luxurious ambience and elegant, tasteful setting complete with polished marble floors and ornate furniture, Tea Lounge also offers a wide selection of delectable-looking items for the high tea session. After ordering my Shanghai Rose tea, it was time for us to check out the buffet counters.

The first station we checked out was the Salads section. They had a wide varity of greens, as well as special items such as Chicken-Barley Salad and other grained salads as well. 

After circling one round, I stopped by the next section-  a cheese haven complete with accompaniments of fruits and crackers. Everything looked tempting but I knew I would avoid the Blue Cheese.

Next, the station with lots of delicious tarts and puffs, such as chicken pies, fig tarts, vegetarian tarts etc to tantalize the taste buds. Oh, look at the golden-crusted skin of the puffs and tarts.

After this, I wandered over to the Sandwiches section, where an assortment of finger / mini sandwiches awaited. Amongst them were ham-and-cheese sandwiches, shrimp sandwiches and salmon sandwiches.

This station comprises of Japanese food - there is a rather delightful spread of Scottish smoked salmon, beef slices, sushi and caviar. I knew this would be my favorite station to attack later.

Next, the counter where the chefs hand out piping hot bowls of laksa, as wellas roast beef and roast duck. The tiny bowls of laksa looked very appealing.

After that, it was the Desserts counter. This is simply mouth-watering, no? See the candies, chocolate sauce, cupcakes and marshmallows all looking so colorful and it was all I could do not to grab something right there and then and pop them into my mouth.

Finally, another drool-worthy treasure trove of more desserts - macarons, panna cotta, creme brulee etc. This was a station I knew I would be saving space in my tummy for, definitely.

So, I began to dig in, beginning with this modest selection of Chicken Pie, Fig & Walnut Tart, Mini Sandwich with Smoked Salmon, Mini Sandwich with Shrimp and a slice of Mushroom Quiche. Everything was dainty and tasty - but I thought that the Fig & Walnut tart had kind of an acquired taste, a heavy "woody" flavor.

My next indulgence was a platter of Chicken Barley Salad, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Smoked Tuna, cheese, fruits, crackers and caviar. I loved the Scottish Smoked Salmon the best - unlike the usual smoked salmon which was salty and dry, this was succulent, bouncy and had a sashimi texture. 

Now, a plate-ful of more Scottish Smoked Salmon, Roast Beef, Sushi, Grapes, Caviar and Salmon Confit. I loved all the salmon items - fresh and springy in texture, I could eat plates and plates of these.

Finally, the sweets. Ok, but first, see the Shanghai Rose Tea? This is an absolute darling - fragrance of roses infused with the aroma of lychee. 

Desserts consisted of Raspberry de pate, slice of chocolate cake, brownie on ice cream stick, macarons, marshmallow with hot fudge sauce and Panna  Cotta on the side. I absolutely enjoyed the Brownie-on ice cream stick - what a unique concept , the sweet, crusty pastry mounted on a stick.

We spent SGD$60.00 each on our afternoon tea buffet here, and left very satisfied.

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