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Sunday, 16 February 2014

High Tea at Rose Verandah @ The Shangri-La

I have been wanting to visit The Rose Verandah for their high-tea, so when the day came for this indulgence, it was an event to look forward to. The Rose Verandah is located at 22 Orange Grove Road, Mezzanine Level, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore 258350 and the number to dial is 6213 4486.

The name itself exudes old-fashioned class and elegance, and the setting of this place did not disappoint. Elaborate chandelier lamps hanging from high ceilings, lush carpeting and exotic colors fill out a glass, leather and marble dining area that combines vintage "homeliness" with class.

This rack of TWG teas greeted us upon entering the restaurant - a happy feeling knowing that The Rose Verandah was serving quality tea. I had the Morning Irish tea - something fragrant and befitting in this lazy Saturday late morning time.

The table was elegantly-furnished as well, and the attentive and efficient service crew came over to take our tea orders and serve us a welcome Iced Tea. They also brought over a Cream of Pumpkin soup that was very scrumptious, and also on the house - we were rather delighted with the service and quality freebies.

As any good buffet stations, The Rose Verandah has a good array of salads, greens and cold cuts to kickstart off a sumptuous high tea. We were spoilt for choice by the food selection segregated - salads and gado gado, Chinese food like dim-sum, homecook-style chicken etc, Japanese counter, bread counter and desserts station. I lingered for a while before decided to start off with some salads and light items.

The first plate I tried was some finger sandwiches, shrimp salads, sauteed mushrooms and smoked salmon with apricot.  The fresh and delicious tiny bites teased our appetites and we yearned for more at the end of these light starters.

Next, the fresh and very bouncy salmon and tuna sashimi cut in generously thick slices. The Lobster Salad Sushi was succulent as well, so this plate was a delight and satiated my all-time craving for good sashimi and sushi.

Here is another plate of fresh, fresh and springy sashimi and tofu-skin sushi. Also, some dimsum items such as prawn dumpling, siew mai, mini sandwich, quiche tartlet, prawns and avocado - everything was bite-sized (of course) and superbly flavored. 

Finally, I got to indulge in my nemisis of desserts. Think, cakes, tarts, fondue, creme brulee, pudding etc. How could one resist these ultra-tasty sweets? Yes, the motto is "No desserts, no departure"... and these sweetened the day for us for sure.

Each of us spent SGD$58.00 on our high-tea cum brunch. This is a lovely place for catching up, unwinding to smell the roses, and enjoy a serene afternoon of good food, excellent service and luxuriant lazing around.

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