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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Afternoon High Tea at The Landing Point @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Have I mentioned that I love Fullerton Bay Hotel? No? Well, check out my past visits there for dinner at Clifford Restaurant and drinks at Lantern Bar. I am back there again now, for high tea at The Landing Point. This glossy, incensed-fragrant, elegant and luxurious hotel is located at 80 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049326. The number to dial is 6597 5277.

We selected our teas while browsing the menus, wondering what to drink and eat, excited for our high tea session to kick start.  The seats were very comfortable, no doubt - vintage, cushy couches and soft piano music floated through the air melodiously, setting the perfect ambience for catching up and lazing around on a hot, bright Sunday afternoon. We were also offered the magnificent views of Marina Bay Sands area, so while the mouth feasted, so did the eyes.

The ala carte buffet-concept high tea goodies were served to us on a three-tiered tray. The drinks menu consisted of a rather wide assortment of TWG teas, coffees and other beverages.  As for the buffet items, there were mouth-watering savoury bites and sweetly-sensational pastries, all available for more helpings when the service crew walks about with their refill trays.

On the top tier, stacked neatly, are two each of Caramel-sea salt Chocolate Tarts and Creme Brulee Tarts in Chocolate Crusts

The Caramel-sea salt Chocolate Tartlets were rich, thick and an exotic blend of sweet-salty taste - I loved the sticky bittersweetness of the chocolate lava within a solid chocolatey crust.

The Creme Brulee Tartlets consisted of the same solid chocolatey crusts and the golden center consisted of soft, butter-smooth egg-custard like filling and the aroma of vanilla-caramel blend. It was rather tasty if a tad sweet, but no worries, I have a sweet tooth.

The middle tier consisted of the savoury nibbles. Cucumber and Ikura Sandwiches - crisp, light and delicious; Truffle Egg Mayo Sandwiches - velvety smooth and served on crunchy French baguette slice; Smoked Salmon on Rye - everyone loves salmon on healthy bread, dont we all? Prosciutto Ham Mini Bagel - a tantalizing saltish sandwich balanced by the bagel's gentle sweetness; Aged Brie and Fruit Jam on Wheat Cracker - another savoury meets saccharine delicacy. 

The favorite that we kept refilling - Boston Lobster in Conelets - crispy, delicious and light, it was easy to keep popping this into the mouth. Next, Mini Quiches - cheesy and flakey comfort food; and Duck Confit Crepe Rolls - the good old Western version of the Peking Duck in crepes - always a taste-seducer.

Finally, we attacked the bottom rung, consisting of more sweet pastries. 

Chocolate Canales - tasted like chocolate sponge cake respledent of burned caramel's fragrance; tiny slices of Prune Kueh Lapis (thousand-layered cakes) - delicate and lovely with sour-sweet prunes; Chocolate Eclairs - one could never go wrong with the hardened fudge atop the pastry squirting rich cream when bitten into; and Lemon Tartlets - a solid yet flakey crust filled with fluffy, smooth citrusy-curd center. The latter was very refreshing, especially having consumed lots of salty and overly-sweet stuffs.

We enjoyed every minute of this high tea session, even though we spent a whopping SGD$55.00 per person. But it was well worth it, and I would not mind coming back here again.

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