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Friday, 31 January 2014

English High Tea at Cafe L'espresso @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Cafe L'espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel earned itself the title of a place for elegant teatime pursuits, and is a favorite haunt for anyone who is looking to enjoy a sumptuous high tea in this quaint, luxurious boutique hotel. The beautiful Goodwood Park Hotel is located at 22 Scotts Road, Ground Floor Level, Singapore 228221, please make reservations before heading down, at 6730 1843.

It boosts of a cozy, classy environment complete with comfortable armchairs and also a poolside terrace offering gorgeous views. We sat indoors though, around the round dark-glass tables and cushy chairs. The outdoors looked very tempting, but the hot sun had us ducking back into the comfort of the cool interiors.

We ordered our pot of tea first - we were allowed to choose two different kinds of coffee or tea during our high-tea session (between 3-5pm).  I had my pot of tea and we were all ready to attack the food counters. We were excited about this "English high tea" concept - I was thinking all sorts of traditional English muffins and tea-cakes, scones etc.

A little disappointed that there weren't much of those, but nonetheless, the overall spread was good. 

There were assortments of savoury items such as mini crossant sandwiches and other finger sandwiches, Nicoise tartlets, mini shrimp patty burger, baked pork meatloaf, farm chicken in crepes, roast beef with cornichons, and open-faced sandwiches of prawns with pineapple salsa, brie cheese with grape, and smoked salmon with beetroot mousse and caviar etc.

For those who like hot food, there were crispy vegetable croquettes, deep fried chicken karaage and Swedish meatballs.

As for the sweets, there are an assortments of cupcakes, scones, muffins, pecan pie, lime cake, strawberry shortcake and chocolate fondue etc. 

Overall, we had a fulfilling high-tea and tried a little of everything - superb quality in bite sizes. Each of us spent SGD$48.00 and left with satisfied mouths and tummies.

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