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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dinner at Tampopo

After the first time at Tampopo's, I headed back at least thrice because their Ramen is so good. Cravings made me cave in. Let me share a couple of my favorite dishes there.

They have two outlets - Liang Court and Takashimaya. I usually prefer the former outlet even though it's more crowded. The address is 177 River Valley Road #01-23 / 24 Liang Court, Singapore 179030 and the number to hit for reservations is 6338 3186.

I love their Black Pig Ramen series - especially the Shabu Ramen or Deluxe Shabu Ramen. Note that I was, and never am a fan of pork - but black pig tastes so succulent, tender, lean and the flavor comes with hints of sweetness that totally enhances the sensation when eating a bowl of Black Pig Ramen. The soup is tasty, needless to say. The Ramen noodles they use is also different - springy, slim, and somewhat curly.

 After Ippudo, I'd say that Tampopo is definitely my next favorite haunt for Ramen.

                                Photo source: http://www.tampopo.cfc.com.sg/display/OurMenu.asp?NAVID=1898

My next favorite item from Tampopo has to be their Wafu Steak - think tender, succulent, chewy and absolutely sumptuous seared beef slices marinated / sprinkled with salt, and melts in the mouth. 

Then we have the Black Pig Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) - I love it for the same reason I love the Black Pig Ramen - because of the saccharine, tender flesh of black pig, in this case minced and wrapped in silken smooth gyoza skins.

Lastly, Salmon Sashimi, which is my all time love - as long as it is fresh and tastes great, I love this dish anywhere, anytime. 

For all the items above, I would spend around SGD$60.00 each, which is not too bad for a satisfying, sumptuous meal.

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