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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dinner at Rocku Japanese Charcoal Grill

When Charmaine* suggested going for Japanese Charcoal Grill, Micaela* and I readily agreed, since we have never tried it before. So that was how we ended up at Rocku Japanese Charcoal Grill at 201 Victoria Street #04-06 Bugis +, Singapore 188067 (Tel: 6634 3313) for a delicious dinner with a unique experience.

Located conveniently Bugis+, Rocku Japanese restaurant looked normal on the outside, as in, just like any Japanese grill restaurant. It was when we stepped in then we realized that it resembled a pub more than a typical charcoal-grill eatery.

Get past the rows of exotic Japanese wines and spirits, and head to the dining area. See this screen here in the photo? Don't be fooled, lights will soon be dimmed and Japanese bands entertain diners throughout the night; disco lights started flashing, and the place transformed into a lovely replicant of a Japanese club literally.

We selected what we wanted from the menu - pork, chicken, beef, assortment of vegetables etc, and the very amicable service crew served us shortly. We had a fun time grilling our own food - for me I usually preferred my food a little more char-grilled (blackened) though its unhealthy, I know.

The meat portions were rather generous, and very neatly arranged. It was thoughtful that they actually cut up the portions into smaller pieces so it made it easier for us to grill and eat. What we got was mainly lean meat, so it was good. The meat was well-marinated as well, so that they were tasty. The accompaniment of vegetables and mushrooms made for a well-balanced meal albeit it being BBQ.

Overall, it was a fun experience, great dinner and wonderful ambience for hanging out and unwinding. We totally enjoyed the Japanese song and dance performances onscreen. Three of us spent about SGD$85.00 in all for this dinner, which was also very affordable and fulfilling.

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