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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dinner at Catalunya

I heard about Catalunya, an exquisite, authentic Spanish restaurant on a floating pavilion offering 360 degree panoramic view of the city serving as a backdrop in this glass-encased dome, serving avant-garde food dating back to medieval times. So when it was time to celebrate our anniversary, I thought, what better place than here?

Located at 82 Collyer Quay, The Fullerton Pavilion, Singapore 049327, the number to reach Catalunya is 6534 0886.

It did not take long for us to place our orders, since we roughly had an idea of what we wanted. The service was superb, as was the music in the restaurant, the hauntingly-beautific ambience and the gorgeous darkening views outside the windows.

We started with a Foie Gras and Eel "Escalibada" Tapas, a delicious bedding of grilled vegetables, very succulent foie gras and tender, sweet eel complementing each other in textures, smoothness and tastiness with smokey hints.

This Lobster Rice is actually a "wetter" version of the usual pan-served, dry Paella many Spanish restaurants serve. Besides the ultra-scrumptious broth, fresh bouncy lobster meat and chewy rice which I love, I do not know how else I should describe this perfect dish.

The Catalan Veal Ragout - a very palatable dish slowly stewed to perfection, and the veal literally melted in our mouths.It was that tender, and the essence of the ingredients gave it all the shine it needed to tantalize the foodies with.

Catalunya served us the Chocolate Cake, complimentary on the house for the occasion we were celebrating- sweet of them. The delicious cake was not too sweet, but the gently fluffiness combined with the rich chocolatey taste made this a darling to savour after a fulfilling, saltish dinner. Thank you, Catalunya!

Not enough of its goodies, we decided to try out one more dessert - the Lemon Pie. We had been expecting the typical slice of pie with or without the crust, so when this came, it was a surprise. A cone-shaped waffle-cracker filled with ice-cream and lemon cream. Scoop the ground peanuts into the cone, and there we have it - a zesty pie, bursting with flavors and textures. It was definitely refreshing and interesting.

Both of spent SGD$150.00 each on our dinner here, a truly fabulous experience complete with food, views, service and ambience. 

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