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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Chilling Out at Lantern Bar @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

It took us a third tryst before Sharona* and I finally managed to chill out at Lantern Bar @ Fullerton Bay Hotel. The first time, it was raining so we drank somewhere sheltered; the second time, there was a private event so we could not enter. Finally, we managed to chill out at this lovely rooftop cum poolside bar located at 80 Collyer Quay, Fullerton Bay Hotel Rooftop Level, Singapore 049326 and the number to dial is 6333 8388.

"Lantern" derives its name from Clifford Pier's historical name of "Red Lantern Pier" a landing point for Singapore's first immigrants and red lanterns were hung from the pier as a guide to seafarers. Today, it is a stylish, sultry rooftop / poolside bar offering paronomic, picturesque views of the cityscape, and ejecting sensual vibes of class and utopian ambience.

We decided to sit under the tent-like, covered section in lieu  of the more romantic pool seats. It was Ladies' Night on Wednesday, unbeknownst to us, so the crowds started to fill in shortly. Ladies get free flow of vodkas. The night started to darken so the gorgeous lights over at Marina Bay Sands areas, and its vicinity, began to take the night by storm.

Sharona* and I orderd a Pizza with Mozarella, Sausages and Onion Jam to accompany our wines and vodka indulgences. The interestingly-shaped pizza was served on a rectangular wooden board. The crust was thin and while not crispy, was almost flakey enough to nibble on. It was delicious, especially with the succulent sausage slices and strong flavor of onion jam.

And for me, I queued up for a few refills of my vodka orange (screwdrivers) and vodka cranberry while chatting with the other well-dressed and friendly partygoers at Lantern. The views of the pool and surroundings were besotting. Each of us spent SGD$35.00 and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

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