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Friday, 27 December 2013

Valentine's Dinner at One Rochester (2011)

All right, this is a re-post / republished post from another Blog of mine. Just wanted to share the romantic ambience and lovely dinner provided by ROAST @ One Rochester, a cosy sanctuary hidden in the deep of the central-west region.

Secluded and serene at No. 1 Rochester Park, Singapore 139212, the number to connect to make reservations is 6773 0070.

An outdoor concept sweetly decorated for Valentine's Day, with balloons and lights, this place offers a lovely dining atmosphere amongst nature, a breezy alfresco space that is refreshing, scenic and tranquil. Yes, you just got to love the whilte Colonial-style building and tall trees, transporting you back in time into another continent and era.

Service was no less than excellent, but we could not be sure if it was due to the special occasion or if they were usually this courteous.

They had the special set dinner menu, and we happily indulged in the seven-course meal, a fine contemporary, thoughtful fusion of Western-Japanese delectable dishes.

First, there was the Amuse Bouche - basically, soft, delicious bread with olive oil for dips. Yes, the bread was so sponge-soft and tasty that I could eat it on its own, olive oil or not.

Then the Jamón - thin slices of ham served with greens and pomelo wedges - a charming appetite-teaser treating the tongue to a different palette of flavours - savoury, sour and crisp fresh sweetness. The cured meat was tender and fine, enhanced with the slight fattiness adding a little "spring" to the texture.

Next, we had the Foie Gras with Red Wine Marinated Pear and Cherry - another delicacy with tasty, buttery-soft, foie gras - delicate yet alluring to the tastebuds. Paired with red-wine marinated fruits, the superiority of the taste was heightened to another level altogether, tinged with sweetness.

The next course was a serving of Fresh Oysters, Ikura (reddish salmon roe) and Caviar prettily arranged in oyster shells. This ambrosia was delicious in its raw form - from the sweet metallic juiciness of the fresh oysters to the explosive flavors of the caviar and roe - need I say more?

The Hokkaido Scallops served with Endamane Salad was the next delish for relish. It was so succulent it was almost titillating - the springy-supple scallops were grilled with perfect lightly-golden edges and each bite was smokey tender goodness. Coupled with the salad, this dainty delicacy left one yearning for more.

Next, the zestful Angus Aged Rib Eyed Steak, Mushrooms and Duck Confit - yes, my favorite combination whipped into one dish in all! Tender, mellow, crispy, smooth and simply delicious, all the most desirable textures in one. Our only grudge was that we could not have another portion!

After a very fulfilling savoury dinner, they finally brought on the sweetness factors - Raspberry Chiffon and an assortment of Chocolates, along with hot tea. The sweet, fluffy cake balanced the savoury indulgences of earlier on, and in turn replaced our tastebuds with toothsome richness. And the chocolates - my love of all time... Washed down with steaming cup of hot tea, everything was just perfect.

We spent SGD$250.00 in total for this meal, and every single cent was well-worth it. It was like a trip to heaven and back. Thank you ROAST, for a lovely Valentine's evening!

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