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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Dinner at Ramen Champion

Having heard a few friends from different circles gushing about Ramen Champions - an interesting resturant featuring a number of stalls by famous ramen chefs participating in a competition. Ramen, by the way, is a Japanese noodle soup dish consisting of wheat noodles cooked in a meat or fish broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso - the ingredients vary.

So I popped down to Ramen Champions at 201 Victoria Street, #04-10 Bugis+   Singapore 188067, and the number to contact is 6238 1011.

Tried once, tried it again. The concept is interesting, rather "Marche"-style, when you enter the restaurant, you're given a card. When you make a purchase at any given stall, all you need to do is hand them the card so they can log your purchase; you just accumulate all your purchases and make payment at the end of the meal before leaving. Simple and straightforward.

This place boosts of a vibrant setting, stall owners warmly hankering for business, diners busy scouring the different stalls to see which one entices them, and the hearty chatter ongoing.

I had the Spicy Miso Ramen - a spicy soup base with noodles, braised egg, mushroom slices and fine slices of pork. It was rather tasty, especially when eaten at steamy-hot stage. The soup was good, but the noodles a little... thick for my liking.  But the pork slices were soft and well-flavored. The overall ramen dish was a tad oily though, hence I did not finish everything.

Jacinta* went for the Cha-Shu Ramen - sliced pork ramen. It came with bamboo shoot slices and braised egg as well. According to her, the sliced pork was succulent and tender, and the soup base (should be pork bone soup) was tasty. 

A pity I did not take photos of the really nice Wanton Ramen I had during my very first visit with Edwin* - for that one, it was a lovely fusional dish of wantons (Chinese meat dumplings) cooked in a lovely soup base. I absolutely enjoyed that dish because of the sumptuous dumplings tossed into piping hot, good noodle soup. 

Overall, this place makes for great selection of different styles and types of ramen - ideal for friends' gatherings or family meals. We spent SGD$24.00 each on our meals.

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