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Monday, 23 December 2013

Dinner at Cafe Swiss @ Swissôtel the Stamford

I decided to set the Quarterly Dinner between Janice*, Amelia* and myself at Café Swiss at Swissotel, simply because we would like to enjoy a touch of Swiss hospitality, try Swiss cuisine and play catchup in this tranquil respite.

The Café Swiss in Singapore is located conveniently at Swissotel the Stamford at 2 Stamford Road, Level 2, Singapore  178882 and for reservations, do dial 6431 6156.

It is an elegantly, soothingly-darkly lit restaurant that is aptly described as its counterpart outlet in Swissotel Tallinn as “a modern restaurant with an inviting aura of contemporary elegance, warmth and a breath or inspirational charm”.

The quietly polite waiter escorted us to our reserved table after checking with us if we would like buffet or ala carte dinner; we opted for the latter, setteld in, and placed our orders.

While the dishes were being prepared in the kitchen, we were served a bread basket filled with an assortment of mouthwateringly-sweet bread rolls that came in hard and soft forms. So we broke bread and ate the delicacies with the soft, lightly-salted butter that was served in acompaniment.

So far so good – quiet and serene environment, soft tasteful music in the background, efficient service – a restaurant ideal for dating couples, friends like us enjoying a good meal together, or even families to indulge in modern European fare.

Finally the food were placed on our square table lined with thick white table cloth.

Amelia* had the Sole Fish Fillet – creamily baked to tender perfection, bringing out the freshness of the sweet-fleshed fish. The flavours of this healthy dish was jazzed up with fine sprinkles of herbs / spices and are served alongside sweet cherry tomatoes, tiny chunks of baked potatoes and asparagus. She delighted in the colorful arrangement of this dish as well as the tastiness of it.

Janice* had the Veal Schnitzel, comprising of deep-fried veal cutlets, spiced apple sauce, grilled potatoes and cherry tomatoes. The veal was crispy on the outside and the meat was firmly scrumptious on the inside, its taste accentuated beautifully by the tinier accompaniments and spicy apple sauce.

I had the Crispy Pork Knuckle served in a pan, surrounded by German potato salad, radish chunks and whole-grain mustard. It was a very hearty dish, one eaten best over drinks – I loved the crispiness of the skin of course, as unhealthy as it probably was. The meat within was firm but not hard, and while rather bland, the texture was great when chewed along with the crisps of its skin. The mustard grains and chunks of radish and potatoes were delicious as well, but too much to take in overall; it was a rather large portion, which is good news for the big eaters.

Each of us spent SGD$40.00 on the meal here. Overall, we enjoyed the dining experience here very much.

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