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Monday, 25 November 2013

Dinner at Kushi Dining Bar

A good friend raved about Kushi Dining Bar after her first visit there, therefore she brought me to dine there to satiate her own craving.

It used to be located at Windsor Hotel, but recently moved to 36 Newton Road #03-01 Hotel Royal, Singapore 307964. The contact number is 6285 6525.

I have been to Kushi Dining Bar 2- 3 times, but not the new outlet yet.

This tiny Japanese restaurant boosts a very traditional and cosy interior, complete with low tables, sitting mattresses and ancient Japanese paintings. I heard that the new outlet is much more spacious, with more tables to accommodate its guests.

The restaurant has both the buffet or ala-carte order options. We decided to go for the buffet dinner. The waitresses would bring the food to our table.

 This is a close-up shot of the small, cosy table with small, pretty plates painted with traditional Japanese designs as well.

 We had quite a wide array of food, including sushi, grilled vegetables, and tempuras as well, but our favourite (and most memorable) items are:

(I) The Oysters - fresh, juicy and totally heavenlicious - I swear I could eat 10 at a go;

(ii) Sashimi Platter - fresh and definitely chewy, exactly the way quality sashimi should be; and

(iii) Shabu-Shabu - a Japanese dish where the thinly-sliced meat is cooked and stirred in boiling water along with vegetables - scrumptious! The soup base was good, having absorbed the rich flavors of all its ingredients.

This is always a good place for fulfilling Japanese cuisine with excellent service.  The price was around SGD$80.00 per person.

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