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Monday, 11 June 2018

Dinner at Tekong Seafood Restaurant (德光海鲜楼) @ Changi Village

6 Changi Village Road #01-03, Singapore 509907
Tel: 6542 8923

Tekong Seafood Restaurant, as its name implies - used to be situated at Pulau Tekong itself, probably surrounded by the sea. Currently it is located at Changi Village, quite a distance away from the sea. Their menu comprises mainly local seafood dishes. The decor is simple inside out with well-spaced tables, and service is decent enough. We were here for belated Mother's Day dinner for the MIL.

We started with Crab Meat Soup done a la shark's fin soup style- complete with the beaten egg and slightly starchy texture. Lovely starter, warming our palate for the rest of the good food to grace the table next.

Following that, they served up a Spinach with Eggs dish, enjoying the light flavours of this dish. The broth was tasty, and the crispy ikan bilis added bite to the leafy vegetables and silken eggs.

Next, we had Stir-fried Sambal Kang Kong (aka "Morning Glory") which was a little spicy but utterly tasty and crunchy to eat.

Hotplate Beef was tender, juicy and flavours of the vegetables penetrated the meat, adding touches of spice, sweetness and crunch.

The Sweet and Sour Pork held crispy edges on the exterior, and was rather succulent on the inside. The slightly zesty flavour made the pieces of fried pork fillets very appetite-whetting.

Then it was Steamed Fish, its fresh springy flesh bathing in the flavourful black sauce, soaking up the taste for the benefit of our mouths. I loved how smooth the texture of the flesh was,  but did not enjoy the fried garlic and chai po (salty preserved turnip) blanketing the fish.

Salted Egg Crab was up next - coated with salted egg batter to give it that unique, dry-throat texture and lightly luscious taste. I enjoyed this dish tremendously, and loved how the crab came with lots of crab roe.

Finally, Black Pepper Crab - fiery of pepper aroma, a lovely contrast against the fresh, sweet flesh of the crab itself.

Overall, our dining experience at Tekong Seafood Restaurant was pretty good; I was glad we visited.

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