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Sunday, 4 September 2016

[Invited Tasting] Wine Tasting at 75CL @ Bukit Merah

8 Jalan Barat Kilat #01-06 Singapore 159351
Tel: 6479 4506

A hidden gem among Bukit Merah's office and industrial district, 75CL (formerly known as "E-wine Gallery" is home to more than 56 types of wine and spirits from all over the world. It is also the e-commerce spin-off from the leading alcohol distributor Magnum Spirits and Wine.

If you think that it is merely another wine shop or wine storage hub, the surprise is about to be revealed - herein lies Singapore's largest Wine Tasting Lab, equipped with all that you need to ensure a happy wine selection process!

See the U-shaped console with small taps and basins? Yes, that's for customers / testers to rinse their palate in between trying different types of wine. Handy, and professional, ain't it? The basins definitely make it easier, and more hygienic to spit the wine (after rolling it around the palate) than buckets or 'spittoons' for that purpose.

Also beating traditional methods of having sales staff pouring wine for you to try,  these shelves contain bottles of wine neatly for you to study and choose from. Each tasting portion starts from SGD$3.00 onwards.

The Card

Your Wine Glass

Select the amount of wine required for tasting

Once you are ready, insert the Card (it will be issued to you when you are here). Jab the small buttons to choose the amount you want to try and hold your wine glass beneath the tap. Then Voila! - your wine is served!

The crew, especially Bahrin and Nisha, are very friendly and knowledgeable, readily sharing information about their concept, their selection of wine, and making suitable recommendations.

We also visited the upper level, where the wine collection is mostly from Australia and New Zealand. A cushy sitting area is available for guests to get comfortable, or hold functions / events at.

Thinking of buying the perfect gift for a special occasion? Their bright yellow gift boxes ought to keep your recipients bright and cheery! Pair the wine with some special Italian goodies to make it more complete.

Drop by now to hunt for your favorite wine (their testing selections change every week). You may also choose to order their wine online - same day delivery available; free delivery above SGD$150.00. You never have to risk spending big bucks on lousy wine now - not when you get to try a whole lot before coming to a decision!

Worry not if you feel a little tipsy after wine tasting - here's coffee to perk you up!

All right now, here's the end of our marvellous wine tasting session; and a very enjoyable one. Thank you 75CL for the invite!

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