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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Brunch at Two Bakers Cafe @ Jalan Besar (Revisit)

88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083
Tel: 6293 0329
Having visited Two Bakers Café on the first week upon its birth into the world of cafés, I was happy to head back when *Celine suggested. To start, you might be keen to read about my first visit here.

The interior is as I remembered it – simple but thoughtfully adorned with lots of pretty little things such as flowers. Crew members and owners were generally friendly and smiley but note that this is a self-service café all the way, from the placing of order to the collection of food (at the collection point at back of restaurant just in front of the restrooms).

The highlight is really the array of desserts – there are so many selections and each one is beautifully decorated. Apparently Two Bakers are very good at cake designs, as evidenced by the little Monkey and Easter ones sitting by the side of the display shelf.

*Celine started with a Mushroom Melts (SGD$8.80) made up of sandwiches and salad by the side. The robust earthly aroma of the mushrooms were easily detected the moment the plate was placed on our table; thick, juicy and coated by the melted cheese between bread slices.

We had the Luncheon Fries (SGD$9.80) as well, since I’ve missed it since the last time I was here. Every individual strand was crispy, tasting of luncheon meat’s raw sweetness but not too salty or greasy at all. In fact, we were pretty sure that the luncheon fries were coated with egg before being deep-fried.

Mt. Fuji (SGD$8.00) was an irresistible dessert – an ivory mound of cream sitting atop soft matcha chiffon cake sapid with green tea’s mildly bitter flavour, which in turn rests on a dark, bittersweet crusty chocolate base. Within the soft bosoms of the matcha cake, buried lots of huge, soft red beans (azuki) , giving us the perfect touch of Japan and we conquered the Mt. Fuji happily.

Yuzu Summer (SGD$9.80) looked so pretty, like a snow-white planet with its own spherical glow. This glossy, smooth creation gave off a zesty punch that settled gradually into lusciousness; it was refreshing to have this pretty dessert for sure.

The final dessert was Chendol Éclair (SGD$7.50) – its name and appearance both caught our attention – an interesting mix of a local’s favorite dessert made into éclair version. The cream was non-descript, probably lightly-infused with chendol’s taste, but the beans and green jelly studding the lovely dessert authenticated its venture to fusionize unto a crunchy-based éclair pastry.

My Coconut Latte (SGD$6.50) looked common but the first sip left us swooning – the strong coconut aroma fortified the aroma of the milky coffee, lifting our spirits immediately. I never thought this combination would work, but it did, like a charm. Every sip was bursting with flavour.

*Celine enjoyed her Iced Salted Caramel Latte (SGD$9.00) tremendously as well, douses of saltiness within creamy, sweet coffee basking in caramel’s distinct taste.

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