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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lunch at Wong Kee Noodles at Timbre @ Ayer Rajah Crescent

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, Level 1, Timbre+, JTC@ LaunchPad, Singapore 139957
Tel: 9653 4819


Recently I started seeing many foodies posting photos and reviews of Wong Kee's tomato and spinach on Instagram, with surprisingly good reviews. As such, my curiosity was piqued. It is located very out of the way but fortunately for me, a work appointment happened to be fixed at JTC LaunchPad, so I knew I had to grab the noodles .

On a side note , I was expecting to find the noodle stall in one of those dark, dim and stuffy underground foodcourts - a few years back I met a client around this area, under such conditions! Instead, Timbre+ turned out to be really cool  - a huge, open space foodcourt with many food trucks, a live band station and heavy on graffiti art.

Friends warned me to avoid lunch time so I went around 2.45pm and finally found the famous Wong Kee Noodles stall. To my astonishment there was a queue even at this hour. The menu consists of several items - mainly noodle dishes and some sides such as oyster sauce veg, fried wantons etc.  Price was standard foodcourt price and staff crew was pretty polite.

Decided to try the Beef Brisket Spinach Noodles (SGD$5.50) first. The spinach noodles were utterly smooth and literally glided through the palate; flavour was very mild despite the intense color. The beef brisket were moistened and rather succulent - but not as melty as I was hoping they would be. Portion was good and the entire dish was enjoyable.

Then the other signature, the Char Siew Dumplings Tomato Noodles (SGD$4.50), served with a bowl of wanton (meat dumplings) soup on the side. The tomato noodles was quite smooth as well, though not as satiny as the spinach one; there was a slight touch of zest to it and it was nice - as though I've ordered wanton noodles with tomato sauce (an old-school delight). Char Siew was well-roasted with a nearly-charred exterior, the way I like it - lots of tender lean meat and very little fats.

The plump wantons were another story altogether - tasty minced meat with prawns wrapped within silky skin, flavour made very aromatic by tiny strips of shitake mushroom found within. The water chestnut added crunch and reminded me of my mom's wantons. Again, no fats within the tightly-wrapped meat.  Of course, the extra touch of fresh vegetables within the noodle dishes made for a good balance.

I was glad I came here to try this stall, even though it is all the way up western-north.

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