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Saturday, 5 December 2015

10 Reasons why I love Christmas

Every year, I look forward to December because of Christmas and the exciting, enchanting, exhilarating festivities. The moment the colorful monthly calender flips over to the final page, my mood automatically soars, and I become happy like a kid all over again - without fail.

This often brings about the question - why do I adore Christmas so much? Well, here's 10 reasons why I love Christmas with a fervour:-

(i) The Festivities
I am not overly religious,  but I do appreciate the beauty of the fables / history of Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas and even Boxing Day - and all that they stand for. Every survival of the cold, bitter winter and every sign from the star are worth celebrating.

(ii) The Enchantment
Since young, I have always been beguiled by charming tales of Christmastime, especially the European tales of Santa Claus, Befana the Witch, Black Pete, etc. It always makes me feel a warm tingle within when I imagine Christmas far, far away, filled with beauty, mystery and a sense of mysticism. Even reading Christmas editions of magazines, Christmas novels (i.e. "Christmas Carols") or looking at Christmas cards can trigger that sense of enchantment.

(iii) The Mood
There is a natural kind of mood-lifting endorphin that works for me every Christmastide, and I am infected by the Christmas spirit on a daily basis. I am nearly happy every day during December because of the anticipation of Christmas; yes, like a kid literally - unbridled, free-spirited and excited. Maybe the weather is one of the attributions, I don't know - but the weather in December is generally cooler, grayer, albeit rainy.

(iv) The Beauty
Christmas is often associated with very beautiful hues - pale blue and pure white; or white and gold. Every mall and storefront is breathtaking, decorated with Christmassy themes. Gold balls dangle from high ceilings, different types of Christmas trees are donned with ornaments, candles are lit, etc. Even the Christmas costumes and collections of retail goods are gorgeous.

(v) The Catching Up / Parties
Every Christmas, there are parties to attend - elaborate dinner parties, or dazzling dance soirees - the events are endless. Every Christmas, I make sure that I get to meet up with every group of friend who mean something to me, for a lovely Christmas meal or gift exchange. And somehow, coincidentally, every Christmas, I have overseas friends visiting so it adds meaning to the festivities and catching up! I play host sometime too.

(vi) The Shopping
I love, love, love Christmas shopping! As mentioned in point (iv), everything during Christmas season is so unique and pretty; it makes shopping challenging but enjoyable. I love buying nice gifts for friends. I love the festive mood of the malls. I love buying Christmas ornaments for my house and Christmas food and I love to buy outfits for the various shindigs / events.

(vii) The Food
Being a foodie (the perfect substitute between a self-proclaimed "gourmet" and a realistic "glutton"),  I love Christmassy food - the more authentic, the better. From the turkey to the minced meat pies to the Christmas shortbread /cookies to the stollen loaves and gingerbread men etc, I love it all. And the drinks such as Eggnog and mulled wine etc- not forgetting logcakes or fruitcakes as well.   Tough feat - having to indulge in Christmas food yet maintain the right figure for the partyish outfits.

(viii) The Carols / Songs
Chrismas songs are a natural turn-on for the Christmas mood for me. I love these cheery, happy songs about peace, happiness and Christmas itself. Every year I buy a new Christmas album, and every December I play one CD a day to countdown to Christmas.

(ix) The Gifts
To be realistic, presents are one of the best parts of Christmas, no? It is a good excuse to give presents, to see the joyous faces of people loving your gifts. It is a happy thing to receive gifts as well, especially posh items that you have been eyeing for a while.

(x) The Memories
I would have loved to say the "long break" but unfortunately in Singapore we do not have the 12-days of Christmas vacation. So I guess memories of past Christmases make up some of the best parts of Christmas - from the simple celebrations with my family members, to the Christmas trips with the Beau, to the various parties and catching up with friends. I usually try to re-read the Christmas posts of my diaries over the years, to remember the many Christmases I have celebrated throughout, to remember the happiness of the moments captured back then.

Having said that, yes, I still love Christmas, and always will look forward to every Christmas that will come my way - Christmases that I will get to celebrate with family and existing friends, Christmases that I will get to toast to with newfound friends.

Let's countdown to Christmas right now...

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