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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Ode to Escapism

The fading shorelines are dressed for sunrise,
Seagulls reflecting on the crystal clear waters;
The dawn is cold in its fiery disguise,
A breath is drawn, and eyes are closed,
To the halting ascent of the red sun,
Dragging itself from the comfort of horizon's hug.

The thousand-year trees rustle their leaves,
As if in prayerful gesture for another new day;
Darkness is drawn back into a palette of hues,
Blazing slowly into blinding whiteness,
The winds begin to chase the waters gently,
Foaming together to lick the earth awake.

Dreams in the night flee like dust particles,
Leaving the dreamers in a slate of blankness,
Free to chase the wild dreams of the day-
And on this day many, many centuries ago
The knights pouring their sweat and blood;
Onto lands we stand today, lakes we swim in.

The keyboard warriors and pencil pushers-
Fighting today's battles in technology's ease,
Pouring their might, energies and youth -
Engaged in treasure hunts with the hands of time,
Who finds and loses, who never finds way back,
Tucked away in the thick foliage of uncertainties.

The colorful palette of hues takes over the skies,
Taking down the sun into its dark hide;
The Moon treads gracefully to celestial thrones,
Watching every tide and turn with keen eyes,
Reminiscing about the children of long, long ago,
Wondering whose forms they have taken today....

copyright © ArcticStar 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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