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Friday, 16 October 2015

[Event] Asus ZenFestival 2015: Launch of Zenfone Selfie

ZenFestival Singapore 2015
14 October 2015, commencing 6.15pm
30 Victoria Street, Chijmes Hall, Singapore 187996

I was honoured to be invited to the Asus ZenFestival 2015 at Chijmes Hall, where I'd not only get to cover the event, but also experience the new Zenfone Selfie and its amazing functions too! This would be the perfect night to convert the mindsets of people regarding this brand of phone, and it instantly dawned on me that Asus is much more than just a brand for computers and laptops.   Upon registration, we were being given a lanyard and pass.

The hall was beautifully set up for the event. From the drinks counter to the various booths strewn around the spacious hall, most of the gadgets were set out to invoke curiousity and then impress the attendees. Invited guests included the media, current users and partners.

Since this was the highlight of the evening's event, I shall start with this section - the Zenfone Selfie, the amazing phone that focuses on selfies photography! There are 4 feminine shades to choose from - shellpink, Tiffany's blue, silver and white. It allows for the best selfies because of the 13 megapixels PixelMaster cameras, dual-LED Real Tone flash, ultra fast laser focus and ZenMotion S-swipe to shoot.

There is also the Real-time Beautification Mode that applies instant photo-editing to turn every selfie shot into a stunning picture of perfection. We had fun sharpening chins, applying blusher effects etc with the camera. Finally, the 64-bit power gives the perfect balance of multimedia performance and battery efficiency.

Besides the comprehensive range of applications in the Asus Zenfone Selfie, and the brilliant selfie functions, this phone is also very family-oriented.   This depicts the Simple Mode, where the functions are significantly-reduced, showing only the more commonly-used features such as phone, messaging, contacts, clock, calendar, calculator, camera, gallery and settings. The icons are also magnified in this mode, making it extremely easy for basic or elderly users.

The Kids' Mode also piqued my interest greatly - parents can now leave their phones in the care of their young children and not have to worry about the kids clicking into unsuitable application icons, and damaging the phone in the meantime.  Simply select this mode, then you get to decide on the exact applications they can see, for instance, a certain game or their favorite show, to keep them entertained. The major wow-factor is that you can set a time limit to the selected application, i.e. 3 hours for Game 1. Once the time is up, the kids will not be able to continue using that partifcular app.

The PixelMaster booth were testimonial to the sharp and clear effects of photography images, beautifully toned to give the best colors possibly.

Across the room was another fascinating counter - showcasing the Zenfone 2 Laser, another wonderful product that comes with a stunning handphone case in metallic blue. Zenfone Go was being exhibited here as well.

Some accessories being featured included the ZenPower (powerbanks), available in attractive colours.to suit different users; and the LolliFlash etc.

This was where some of the guys did their racing during one of the intermissions, to win prizes as well as have some thrills.

Next up, Asus' Corporate Vice-President, Mr. Benson Lin did a presentation of this newly-launched Zenfone series and their advantages.

He was joined by Michelle Chong, Zenny and some attendees after that, where the use of Zenfone Selfie was being further demonistrated.

Throughout the night, there were drinks, finger food and canapes being served by a polite and affable crew staff.

Finally, the night concluded with a doorgift of Zenny audio cable-controlled selfie stick, a rather generous and thoughtful gift from Asus- thank you so much!

I brought home a Tiffany's Blue Zenfone Selfie to use. Keep a lookout for my review coming up soon, as well as details on specs and pricing about this amazing creation of a phone!

Thank you Originally US for the invite!

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