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Monday, 28 September 2015

[Media Invite] Brunch at Barnacles by the Sea @ Shangri-La Sentosa

101 Siloso Road, Beach Level (level 1), Shangri-La's Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore 098970
Tel: 6371 1966

Sunday Garden Party at Barnacles by the Sea is an exciting weekend concept by Shangri-la's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa.  This special brunch event is available till 15 December 2015, taking place every Sunday from 12noon to 3.00pm, and includes a sumptuous buffet spread, pool access as well as exciting activities for the kids (magic shows, balloon shows, etc).

Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa may be situated on Sentosa Island itself, on the outskirts of the cityscape, but this hotel has an all-time high occupancy rate over the weekends, a huge portion of which is made up of staycation-ing locals. This is a haven for a weekend escapade, therefore facilities are suited for the entire family.

Within walking distance to the serene sea, Barnacles by the Sea is as close as you could get to the beachfront, boosting the concept of  "seaside dining" alive.  Besides the beautiful views it offers to patrons, the interior of the restaurant is spacious as well.

Tastefully and cosily furnished, it costs a mere SGD$138.00 per adult to enjoy this "Sunday Garden Picnic" brunch affair.  The first child aged 12 and below gets to attend FOC; subsequent child only need to pay SGD$28.00 to enjoy this special dining concept.

A stunning wine display greets the guests at the entrance, and there's a three-piece band belting out good songs throughout the 3-hour brunch to entertain the guests while they are dining.   Service is impeccable and attentive here at this family-oriented restaurant, making dining feel like home literally.

The one thing that caught our eyes was the Kids' Section - a counter specially catered to the kids in decoration and food choices.   It was a delightful discovery, and I am sure that the kiddos must have been excited helping themselves to the food on display.

As for adults, there is a wide array of food done in international cuisine - a huge selection, such as Japanese fare (sushi and rolls), salad, cold cuts, poached eggs etc, all made up of fresh, quality ingredients.

There was also a good fruits and cheese spread, as well as bread selection. One counter alone, and there was already so much to choose from, I have yet to move to the other counters to check out what were in-store.

For the BBQ lovers, the barbecue station is thoughtfully stationed just outside the restaurant, with hardworking chefs busy preparing roast beef, lamb, Peking duck, curry etc.   You could also get your rice and satay out here.

The most tempting station for me was of course the Seafood section, filled with fresh and scrumptious-looking catches from the sea - lobster, Fin de Claire oysters, mussels, shrimps and Alaskan crabs etc, neatly organised to show off their best sides.

An ice-cream cart containing interesting ice-cream flavours such as Pandan, passionfruit and raspberry cheesecake etc was situated to the beverages station, giving us an idea of what was in the meal's lineup.

Finally, the other counter that made me weak in the knees - Desserts! It was a massive selection, consisting of chocolate fondue, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, panna cottas, tarts, macaroons, fruits and Chinese pastries (kuehs). The colourful assortment posed the "Should I start with desserts first" question throughout the photo-taking ordeal, but I did not succumb.

White wine, juices, tea, coffee and sparkling water (Pellegrino) accompanied us throughout the meal - sorry but note that alcoholic beverages are not included in the SGD$138.00 price list.

Anyway, I started with a plate of Seafood - reveling in their luscious flavours and springy flesh. The Fin de Claire oysters and lobster left the deepest impression on me, providing instant gratification.

I also experimented with some Sushi, Salad and Poached Eggs. It might have sounded weird to dip the sushi rice into the cascading poached egg yolk, but I did - and it was very delicious! I also loved the ham-wrapped melon.

But eventually, I returned to my love for the creatures of the sea - more saccharine lobsters, oysters (with the various sauces they have prepared at the seafood station), as well as the popping caviar and rich, creamy foie gras. A wrapped Peking duck stole its way to this plate as well.

I was very full by then, but greed for sweets gave me the will to carry on -  lovely Pistachio macaroon, chocolate cakes, marshmallows and strawberries (later) draped in chocolate fondue, as well as some ice-cream. The cakes were moistened and not cloyingly sweet; the ice-creams were lovely, especially the Pink Guava flavour (we all concurred that the "passionfruit" label was erroneous, because there was no mistaking the redolent pink guava taste of the pink scoop).

Overall, this was a fabulous dining experience, and I must reiterate again that the seaview was truly a very enticing factor. For families, this is the perfect place to be - an afternoon of palatable brunch with lots of variety to choose from, activities for the children, as well as entrance to the gorgeous pools for some well-deserved fun thereafter.

Thank you Barnacles by the Sea / Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa for the wonderful experience, as well as Tina for hosting this meal.  Thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite.  Other attendees included Epicurean,  Desserting Beauty and Prayerfullmum.

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