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Thursday, 10 September 2015

[Invited Tasting] Dinner at 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar

1 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207522
Tel: 6341 5167

Opening Hours
Daily:  11.30am to 12.00am (midnight)
Happy Hour: 11.30am to 9.00pm
Closed on Tuesdays

This was an invited tasting and I was honoured to be invited, to get a taste of the months-old 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar, located along the same stretch of popular hipster joints near Jalan Besar Stadium.  However, note that even though it shares the same street name as Tiramisu Hero Cafe etc, located along "Tyrwhitt Road" as well, it is at the other end, closer to Jalan Besar Plaza that side.

A rustic restaurant / bar / bistro with minimalistic decor - bare bulbs suspended from ceilings, simple furniture, and sliding metal grille gates preserved in style - 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro is Karen and Paul's first venture into the F&B scene. The couple is really affable, down-to-earth and made us feel like home literally, bringing us from the kitchen to the dining areas.

Food-wise, 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro serves up good, affordable Italian dishes at very reasonable prices. There is also a good range, whether you want pizzas, pasta or meat dishes. You can view their menu here.

I enjoyed their Kronenbourg Beer - sweet, smooth, soothing and satisfying.

Then food happened, starting with Crispy Mid Wings (SGD$10.00), living up to its name accurately, being ultra crispy on the exterior - it reminded  me of KFC's crispy chicken somehow. There was a slight tinge of spiciness to the wings, firing up the flavour perfectly - what an awesome way of kickstarting the food tasting session.

The Black Ttuffle Egg Pizza (SGD$23.80) was a wonderment in itself. The base crust was crackling around the edges but puffy towards the centre; truffle oil was strong and aromatic. Karen shook the poached egg into a golden mesh spreading over the truffle and cheese infused pizza, resulting in a burst of rich flavours.

Meat Lovers (SGD$19.80) is probably created for you carnivores out there - meat your nemesis in the form of a crispy crust topped with mozarella, American pork pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken and pork sausage. Chew your way through the meats and crunch through the base over this hearty delight.

The Cheese Lovers (SGD$19.80) was a good idea - a cheesey affiar comprising Mozarella, Scamorza, Gorgonzola Blue, Taleggio and Feta cheese. A umami combination of cheese all on one plate, but the taste of the blue cheese was somewhat overpowering. As blue cheese has what we commonly refer to as the "acquired taste",  it might not sit well with everyone to have this cheesey creation with the blues being the main obliteration here.

Then Aglio e Olio (SGD$16.80) joined the table, being devoured almost as quickly as it came. The portion was good - not too dainty or overwhelming; just nice for small to medium eaters. The garlic and chilli flavours teased the palate, but nothing too spicy; mushroom lent more aroma and tiger prawns added texture as well as a touch of sweetness that made this pasta so scrumptious.

Seafood Marinara (SGD$17.80) was up next, rich in ingredients and taste. The tomato sauce was slightly sourish, seeping gently into the beautiful taste of mussels, fish, prawns, squids and scallops. There was so much seafood surrounding the springy strands of pasta, seducing the palate boldly.

Next, Carbonara Bacon (SGD$16.80) richly tossed in a sauce created from egg yolk and cheese. The bacon strips were generously strewn all over the pasta, chewy, tender and basking lusciously in the rich sauce that complemented it so well.

We also had Grilled Salmon (SGD$20.80), served with grilled vegetables and potatoes on the side. Luscious, flakey salmon had its natural saccharine flavour accentuated with the light lemon butter sauce, giving it a zesty boost.  The lemon butter sauce was not too rich or creamy, but the flavour broke through beautifully.

Then we had Chicken Chop (SGD$16.80), a generous slab of chicken which was nestled in a pool of brown sauce, served with grilled vegetables and sauteed mushrooms. The chicken had a very tasty, very familiar taste that I could not put my fingers on....but I loved it of course, from the taste to its succulence.

Finally, there was Pork Chop (SDG$16.80), slow-cooked to perfection, topped with savoury brown sauce, home-styled vegetables and crispy potato wedges. The pork was juicy, but it was not well done - it was pinkish within, with evident rawness. I understand it was meant to be a medium-well dish, and it does not necessarily mean bacteria, because I know of some other restaurants that prepare their pork this way too - an acquired method. Unfortunately, not all Singaporeans can take this, so my humble suggestion would be for the restaurant to check with customers' for their preferred choice of doneness.

Time for desserts! The Panna Cotta (SGD$8.80) is freshly-made by 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar, light in texture but perfectly silky, redolent of a fragrant creamy flavour that stayed with the mind. The dash of Raspberry coulis gave it a good zesty balance.

Lastly, Tiramisu (SGD$8.80), the homemade dessert I had to try - the diners at the next table were having it, and I could smell the coffee aroma from my end! The spongy layers were soft and moist, soaked luxuriously in amaretto; the dessert melted in the mouth deliciously in a mush of coffee, cream and alcohol, like a dream. It was one of the better tiramisus I've had, truly!

As expected, cravings set in the next day, for this beauty.

Karen the Lady Boss and I

Overall, it was a great dining experience at 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar, with lots of good food prepared with passion under the rigor supervision of Paul. Thank you for the invite, 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar , the immaculate hosting and delectable dishes.

Come by for chillout drinks all day, till 9pm, or enjoy 30% off weekday lunch!

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