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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Dinner at Carnovire Brazilian Churrascaria @ Marina Bay Sands

2 Bayfront Avenue #01-80 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972
Tel: 6688 7429

I remember the meat feast I had with two male buddies - *Edwin and *Chris, at Carnivore Restaurant @ Chijmes, many years back.  Back then, there had been a salad bar at the back, and each of us paid SGD$60.00. I miss that experience, and hence we are back, many years later, at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria @ MBS, enjoying good food over catching up and business discussion.

At a mere SGD$49.00 now, one could eat their hearts out at this buffet meat joint. Even if you are not a fan of grilled meat, rest assured that there is plenty at the Salad Bar counter to keep you satisfied, and full. The range of 15 hot and cold dishes goes from Chicken Salad, Beetroot Salad, Potato Salad etc to Samosas, Salmon with Basil Sauce, Beef Goulash, etc.

After your meat feast, feel free to help yourselves to this wide array of fruits and desserts comprising of muffins and cakes.   We could not help feeling excited.

So, how the grilled meat goes about here is that the servers would come over to each table with their giant skewers of aromatic grilled meats. If we are all set to welcome their approach, we flip the card of the table to Green, exhibiting "Por Favor"; if you do not wish to be approached, simply flip to Red, informing them "Obrigado".

We had Coke (SGD$5.00) and Corona (SGD$12.00) and I convinced all the guys to go for a round of Moscato (SGD$14.00); thankfully they liked the sweet, sparkling dessert wine.

I started with some pig's tails, salmon, samosas and greens for sharing. The pig's tails with black beans reminded me so much of a homecooked soup!

When I got back to my table, I already saw these Beef Ribs on my plate - tender, charred slices of delicious grilled meat, so well-marinated and prepared.

Then we had Pork Sausage - succulent rolls of pork meat with a bouncy texture for us to savour.

We also enjoyed the Honey Baked Ham - thick slices of this delicacy, chewy in texture and well-infused with sweetness; reminding us of a good roll of Christmas ham.

There were also Chicken in Bacon Rolls as well as Grilled Fish Fillet. The chicken in bacon rolls did not leave much of an impression unfortunately, but had a good crunch in its texture. The fish was luscious in flavour, once you bite through the crispy exterior.

Would it amuse you to present my favorite of the night - Honey Pineapple? I am never a pineapple fan, except when it is being made into drinks or desserts; mostly because of the tongue-cutting sensation one gets when eating pineapples. These pineapples were very sweet (duh), and contained a hint of smokiness to it that made me keep asking for serving after serving.

The Chicken Hearts were one of the items *Edwin and I were very much looking forward to. These are very acquired tastes, not for the weak-hearted or squeamish, of course. The server happily gave us one-third each, since he mentioned that many others would reject this dish. We enjoy the somewhat raw but rich taste of this utterly crunchy organ - but oh, bless the chickens.

Oh, the Boneless Leg of Lamb was tastefully roasted as well, exuding only the charred charms of flavours without any hint of gamely overtures.  The lamb was surprisingly succulent as well.

Finally, time for "palate cleansers" in the form of fruits and cakes. The Berries Tarts and Chocolate Cakes were surprisingly good - crumbly, fluffy and richly indulgent.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable dinner with roast meats, greens and drinks, as well as very friendly servers amidst sophisticated settings. I will want to come back, if only just for the beef ribs, honey pineapple and chicken hearts, again!

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