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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Nuffnang versus Google Adsense

BLOGGERS alert - are you thinking of running some ads banners on your blog / website for some extra income on the side? Done your research but are still unsure of which platform to use, Nuffnang, Google AdSense, GushCloud, etc?

Screenshot of my site viewed on Mobile format - http://www.thearcticstar.blogspot.com

Well yes, I do have a blog (the one you are reading!),  catered mostly for reviews and journalistic experience on food, travel, beauty products as well as some Current Affairs discussion and poetry.  While passion and sponsorships / invited sessions made up part of the ingredients of this Blog, I have also installed some tiny ads banners from Nuffnang and Google AdSense. Hence I am going to share my experience on them now.

I shall start with Nuffnang since I have managed to install it successfully first, in December 2013 when this Blogsite first came into existence.


Photosource: http://www.nuffnang.com.sg
I simply logged into http://www.nuffnang.com.sg and create an account. There are some basic questions about my site url, page views, etc, before I was all set to paste their ads html codes onto my sites.   They don't need us to have kept the blog for a minimum period of time. and it is easy to follow their instructions to place their ads boxes onto our site / blog (choose between top, side or bottom of the site / blog). We can place multiple ad boxes on one single site / blog.

We can also link more than one site / blog to the same Nuffnang account.

Nuffnang tracks our pageviews and unique visits on a daily basis, so we can log in anytime to view the statistics.  They offer CPUV (Cost-per-unique-visitor) and CPC (Cost-per-click) campaigns, in order to help us maximise our earning potential.

If we don't have other ads on the site, Nuffnang makes us a Glitterati member - meaning, our credit redemption will be processed faster, we may get invited for Nuffnang's events and selected to do advertorials etc.   The minimum amount we can cash out is SGD$50.00.

Once we redeem our credits, give Nuffnang 30 days after every end of the month of redemption  date to verify and process. They will fish out the "fraud clicks" (i.e. repeatedly clicking by the same user / ip-address) and we get the balance thereafter. The cheque takes another 14 days to be mailed out after verification and legal processing by the bank.

I redeemed around 17 May 2015 - so, 30 days after 17 May 2015 should make it 16 June 2015. Say, the bank took another 14 days to process - so by end of June 2015, I should've gotten my cheque.

But no. In early July 2015, I received a notification about "Fraud Clicks" and I wrote in to contest. After all, I cannot help it if my supporters / readers wish to click on a different ad on a daily basis, right?

In mid-July 2015, Nuffnang's Singapore office called me to verify my full name and address.  By 23 July 2015, it was still not here and their reply to me was "still processing; you should expect the cheque in August."

I replied to them about the severe lag in timeline, and my desire to write a Nuffnang vs. AdSense article.   On 27 July 2015, they informed me that my cheque has been processed and mailed out; by 30 July 2015 I received it in the mailbox along with a nice message from Ming (Co-founder) - and not a single cent less despite the "fraud clicks" deduction I was being warned about.

Took a little while, with some lapses, but still reliable - thank you Nuffnang!

Moving on...

Google AdSense
Photosource: http://www.google.com/adsense

My Google AdSense ads started at least 6 months later than my Nuffnang, reason being my blog was new. I had to keep re-applying over the months; finally I decided to take The Beau's suggestion and applied with an older Blogger Blog before my application was successful.

Then I linked the accounts and managed to place AdSense ad boxes onto my current Blogsite as well.   Meaning to say, Google AdSense is a lot more stringent in their requirements - but they have good reason to.

Similarly, Google AdSense allows us to choose from top banner, sidebar or bottom options to place our ads boxes. We may place multiple boxes too.

They also track our statistics, so we can log in to view. They also track revenue optimization across different platforms (i.e. tablets, phones or computers) - so if you are into very detailed information, this may be just the thing for you.

For redemption, all we need to do is to provide / link our bank account number. We can also set a Threshold (minimum SGD$150.00) so that when our earnings hit that threshold, the monies will, without preamble, be transferred directly to our bank accounts.

I set a threshold for this, and the earnings hit the threshold around end June 2015 as well. Google AdSense pays out during the 3rd week of the month after redemption, as long as there are no holds or violation of policies. By 23 July 2015, the earnings were credited smoothly into my bank account with no fuss or muss at all.    Thank you, Google AdSense!


Both are easy to install and trust-worthy; both track statistics though Google AdSense's is more in-depth.

Earnings-wise -  Even though the Google AdSense account was approved at least 6 months after my Nuffnang earnings, and I redeemed both at around the same time - Google AdSense's earnings were thrice that of my Nuffnang's.

Personal-touch wise - Nuffnang does have more events and campaigns to help bloggers earn.   Also, they have a rather efficient Customer Service team to attend to feedback / issues while Google does not at all.

As with everything, both have their pros and cons - so you can decide if you prefer efficiency or events - or wish to have the best of both worlds.

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