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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Brunch at Bridge Cafe Restaurant & Bar @ City Hall

31 Seah Street, Singapore 188387
Tel:  6333 4453
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bridgesingapore

Located opposite Raffles Hotel, amongst a row of trendy restaurants and bars, is a lovely chillout spot named Bridge Cafe / Restaurant & Bar, serving modern European dishes and drinks - cafe by day and restaurant by night.

It is a public holiday, and we decided to come here for brunch. At 1.00pm, the cafe was still relatively empty. So we had our pick of seats in this dimly-lit, intimate environment that's atmospheric enough for a date.

You get an assortment of couch seats, high bar stools as well as the usual wooden tables in cafes. The service here was rather attentive and warm, and what I loved best is the jazz music in the background, instantly mellowing the soul.

For drinks, *Celine had the Detox Juice (SGD$6.20). comprising beetroot as one of its main ingredients. The healthy drink was sweet, resplendent of beetroot's heavier tones.  I saw quite a few patrons ordering this too.

I had the Teajito (SGD$18.00), tea-infused rum, mint leaves, lime wedges and simple syrup.  Being a Mojito-lover, I liked this drink enough for the flavour; it was a little lighter on the rum, but tea's delicate tones lingered beautifully, making for a unique and exotic drink.

For food, *Celine had the 62°C Organic Egg Proscuitto (SGD$17.00)- sous vide egg, truffle mashed potato, sauteed wild mushrooms, chicken jus and prosciutto di parma.  It was a tasty dish filled with healthiest of grains, and a slice of toast filled with raisins and nuts.

I had the Lobster Croissant (SGD$36.00) - lobster, scrambled eggs, baby spinach, bacon, Mesclun and truffle honey vinaigrette. There were huge pieces of bouncy, luscious lobster that were rather well-flavoured, topped with crispy bacon and lightly-sweetened scrambled eggs that filled the palate deliciously. Every morsel was a blend of rich flavours that unfortunately fought with each other to clamor for the most impressionable bite.

So the verdict is, delicious, but perhaps the bacon could be replaced with something else that complements the lobster instead of clashing with it in flavour. Also, loved the delicious dollop of mayonnaise on the side.

Dessert was Creme Brulee (SGD$9.00), a gorgeous tub of ingredients served on a wooden board. Sitting on top of the delicate caramel-sugar coat is a scoop of vanilla (bean?) ice-cream, and wedges of fruits including grapefruits! Cracking apart the caramel coating reveals milky pudding that was light as a dream. It was a very satisfying dessert, a very different creme brulee with its addition of ice-cream and fruits, adding a touch of citrusy balance to its ambrosial taste.

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