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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

[Invited Tasting] Dinner at Tasconi's Pizza @ East Village

430 Upper Changi Road #01-61 East Village, Singapore 487048
Tel: 6341 6991

This is an invited tasting event, and the first time I visited East Village at Simpang Bedok area.  The friendly hosts brought out a  horde of delicious pizzas originated from Brunei for us to try, in preparation for their Ramadan's Specials as well. Some of the attendees were Alvin (epicuriouscan) and Hence (ChubbyBotakkoala).

Well, good news for the halal patrons - Tasconi Pizza is halal certified. They had been in Singapore before, but made an exit, and are now expertly brought back to life by the magic hands of Madam Laila.  The unique Italian recipes combined with Bruneian taste, has brought about an innovation that casts pizzas into a new light.  We loved these Homemade Ice Lemon Tea with Blueberries, so refreshing and delicious!

They started us with some large, juicy Mexican Wings(SGD$7.90), grilled to a beautiful golden tone. The wings were surprisingly succulent to the bite, and well marinated with a flavour that is very similar to rendang taste (spicy, with unique spices and hints of coconut milk). Madam Laila proudly informs that they use fresh chicken and not frozen chicken for this dish - now we understand why the soft, juicy chicken was so tender!

Next, we had the Nachos with Bolognese Sauce. I have always loved nachos chips and the grainly texture with eery crisp, but usually I eat them with melted cheese or salsa sauce. This bolognese gravy is a unique experience, tiny bits of beef in well-marinated sauce. The chewy textures complemented the crackling chips very well.

Following that, we had the Shepherd's Pie (SGD$6.50) filled with tender minced beef within a thick coating of melted cheese and potato fillings. The top layer of the toasted cheese was delicious with hints of crisp, and the flavour was good - rich but not too creamy. I thought the entire pie was too soft in texture though, but the sticky coat of cheese was lovely to tuck between the teeth.

Bangers and Mash (sausage and mashed potato) was brought to the table next. The thick roll of Chicken Cheese Sausage had a bouncy texture, but the powdered mash potato could be improved on. We thought that if they used the mashed potato that they created for the Shepherd's Pie, it would greatly enhance this dish.

I rather enjoyed the Cajun Fries, so delightfully crunchy and tasty. The Cajun powder was peppered generously over the fries to give it flavour and retain the crunchy lightness of its texture.

The Cheese Fries were rather nondescript - shoestring fries with homemade cheese that I felt was too diluted, and did not give enough taste to the fries. If anyone adores KFC's Cheese Fries, this would be very pale in comparison in taste.

It was time for pizzas - the moment that we were waiting for!  The Satay Pizza graced the table first. This was  a beef pizza, resplendent with the aorma of satay's peanut sauce, every bite was a sumptuous flavours burst. It was so unique, and the beef chunks were succulent, so it made this pizza immensely enjoyable.

Next, we had the Prawn Pizza, looking so inviting with its plump, cushy crust and golden-brown tones. Besides the merit of the springy, sweet prawns that we managed to bite into, that gave the pizza some extra flavour, we thought that this pizza was rather bland in taste. Either more prawns are needed to improve on the overall flavour, or other accompaniments such as peppers, crabstick etc might be added to improvise taste.

The Rendang Pizza was the final deliverance  - studded richly with beef and green pepper slivers, packed with an intense rendang flavour. The beef was still very tender despite the heat from the oven.

The delectable pizzas start from SGD$18.80 (regular), SGD$20.80 (large) and SGD$28.80 (extra large), and delivery is available simply by dialling this number 6341 6991. Do note that some of the items here are from the sister-restaurant next door, Cookwerx, all in preparation for the upcoming Ramadan festival.

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