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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dinner at Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru @ Liang Court

177 River Valley #B1-48 (within Meidi-ya Eateries), Liang Court Shopping Mall, Singapore 179030
Tel: 6337 1022

Chanced upon Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru today, while searching for sushi to satiate my cravings during lunch time. Well, okay, perhaps didn't really "chance upon" by accident, but saw the escalator advertisement about this restaurant, and piqued my interest - a rare find within a mall filled with many well-known Japanese eateries all over.

But, one has got to trust what's within Meidi-ya group, and I do. So I headed to this small restuarant decorated heavily in Japanese flavor, and only offered sushi bar counter seating (not bad, can watch the dedicated chefs in action).

What also caught my eyes was the detailed description of each type of sushi passing by the conveyor belt (yes, they were very organised), and the fish were supposed to be very fresh (flown here every few days if I remember correctly, from the advertisement).

I started with a Umeya (SGD$11.60) - Japanese plum wine. Instead of recording my order manually, the server placed 2 gold plates on the table and informed this indicated the price of my Umeya. Aha! The Umeya is one of my all-time favorite beverages, indulgent in the sweetness of plum against a sobering dash of alcohol.

The starter was an Oyster Chawanmushi (SGD$6.80) - piping hot and smooth egg custard with a large and juicy oyster lying atop. When one dug deeper, there were chicken and shrimp at the bottom as well, a delicious trove of treasures.

Moving on, some sushi from the yellow plates first (yellow plates were at SGD$2.80 each). I had the Big Salmon Sushi - fresh salmon slice with a tasty buoyancy to it, complemented by the chewy Japanese pearl rice served with it.

The next one was also under the yellow plate at SGD$2.90 - the Salmon with Tartar / Mayo. There was a bouncy bite to the creamy salmon bits sitting atop the sushi; and the seaweed was actually crunchy so it was easy to break the sushi into halves when eating (compared to some other sushi where the seaweed is so hard to break I had to stuff the entire thing into my mouth).

Following that, the Aburi Salmon (SGD$2.90) that I ate two plates simply because I love torched salmon. These salmon slices are huge, as you can see here, and definitely succulent and springy in texture. The smoky fragrance of the torched parts only served to enhance the taste of this dish more, hence it was very irresistable.

Another of my all-time favorite would be Boiled Scallops (SGD$1.80) - this one was under the green plate. The cooked scallops were as how one would expect - chewy and juicy, with a light natural flavor accentuated by the dark sauce.

Finally, something from the red plate (SGD$3.80) section - Unagi Sushi (or known as "eel"). If you enjoy a slightly slimy and coarse texture and kind of rainy flavor, you would enjoy this dish, because it worked for me.

Overall, I spent SGD$41.45 for my lunch, enjoying the meal tremendously because of the quiet atmosphere (no loud wailing kids or giggling teenagers), quality sushi as well as very attentive service.

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