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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dinner at The Disgruntled Chef @ Dempsey Hill

26B Dempsey Road, Singapore 
Tel: 6476 5305

The dinner venue tonight was The Disgruntled Chef, located at the trendy Dempsey Hill.  An interesting modern-European restaurant and bar concept hidden beneath a flight of wooden steps - how lovely and secluded.

Consisting of a contemporary and vintage-glamor design, the restaurant offered good service as well. But what ultimately attracted us was the interesting menu, consisting of Big Plates and Small Plates, with some rather exotic-sounding fusion dishes such as Snowcrab Pasta, Grilled French Quail and Curry Mussels etc.

We started with the "Salt of the Sea" - crispy fish skin and potato chips (SGD$8.00) dish, a surprise seeing it because this was a Western / European restaurant, and we always associated the fried fish skin as an Asian dish.  It did not disappoint at all - lightly battered and very crispy true to its name, with the gentle fishy flavor. The pairing with the black vinegar was very brilliant, instantly bringing the taste to another level altogether - we kept munching at it and I had thoughts to order another serving.

Next, we shared the Crab & Lobster Sliders (SGD$14.00) was another delicacy that we were glad to have ordered - small lobster and crab rolls topped with thin slivers of Granny Smith apples. The bread roll had a lovely fluffy, fresh texture to it, going very well with the luscious flavor of the minced seafood meat and crunchiness of apple slivers. 

Then we took something from the big plate to share - Grilled French Quail (SGD$32.00), served with Frisee Salad, Crispy Bacon and Poached Egg. If you love quail - well, its taste is very similar to duck meat, only smoother and more tender. This one had a bonus hint of smokiness to enhance the flavor, and was incredibly scrumptious.

*Helen had a Sea Salt & Chilli Margarita (SGD$18.00) for drinks - Don Julio Reposado, calamansi, Honey, Sea Salt Air. This drink was a major WOW to the tastebuds - refreshing, yet spicy, getting the palate all tangy in its exotic flavor.

I went for a glass of Riesling Icewine (SGD$18.00) - my favorite sparkling sweet wine, mild and cooling, perfect for chilling out.

We enjoyed dinner here very much, and I would love to come back for the gorgeous ambience and to try more of the food items.

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