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Monday, 1 December 2014

Tea Break at Cafe Crema @ Westgate

3 Gateway Drive #01-06 Westgate Shopping Mall, Singapore 608532
Tel: 6465 9171

We were here for a Saturday half-business meeting, half catching up meeting. The cafe we had originally wanted to go seemed to have closed (all dark inside, and it was already 11.00am!) - so we popped over to the nearby Cafe Crema, where it was still empty then.

The crew was relatively friendly, calling out greetings when we entered. We selected a booth seat and then set about ordering some stuff while waiting for the client / friend.

*Alloy had the Apple Crumble (SGD$6.50) - a soft but taut, pie-like crust instead of the flakey, crumbly crust we were expecting. Even the fillings were sticky, with bits of apples and raisins. Overall taste was not bad, not too sweet tinged with sour overtures, but we really thought that the term "Apple Pie" would have been more befitting.

I had the Strawberry Shortcake (SGD$7.00) - served to me in a sleeping form. For that price, it was rather small. The cake was soft but coarse, with flavor that you could find in any other neighborhood bakery.  It was disappointing, and I wondered if I should have ordered one of the cheesecakes on display instead.

To make things worse, my Iced Earl Grey Tea Latte (SGD$7.00) tasted like very diluted latte, with the barest hint of earl grey. I guess the photo depicting the thin veil of drinks herein speaks for itself - I was practically drinking latte-flavored water.

*Alloy had the Ginger Beer , which came in a bottle and well, I guess the cafe couldn't go wrong with this drink since they didn't brew it.

The business friend had the Carbonara (SGD$19.00) - the standard ingredients of linguine, bacon and eggs with fresh cream. He heartily enjoyed his meal and said it was good - so oh well, maybe Cafe Crema is better with cooked food.

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