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Friday, 21 November 2014

Tea at Stateland Cafe @ Bugis

30 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866
Tel: 9296 4997

I was in one of those moods where cravings for chocolate waffles kicked in, and I could not think of anywhere else other than Stateland Cafe, which I have yet to try before.

Hence, I headed to the "vintage industrial-themed" cafe along Bali Lane, and got myself a table. The decoration was simple but intimate in its own way, all dim lightings and pretty little adornments here and there.

I found what I wanted straightaway, since I was here for the famous waffles, so I placed order at the counter. They only accept cash payment.

My Earl Grey Babyccino (SGD$3.90) came first, alongside a glass of ice water - rather thoughtful since this place did not charge for service.  There wasn't much description for this drink but I figured it might be cuppaccino brewed with earl grey  - it tasted like that, and more. There was a very milky flavor to it which obliterated much of the earl grey's slightly ashy flavor.

Finally, the Black Forest Waffle (SGD$14.90) arrived - dark chocolate waffle served with cherry, whipped cream and Belgium chocolate gelato and chocolate sauce.

The grids were crispy and the waffle was fluffy inside. The rich chocolate ice-cream and sauce enhanced the flavor of the dark chocolate waffle (my first eating a lovely chocolatey waffle). There were dark cherries found within the mixture of cream and creamy gelato, making this simple dessert a real delight.

I wish to add too that the gelato was amazing - I was replying emails and getting some online errands done while enjoying my sinfully good waffle slowly, but the ice-cream did not melt into a gooey mess nor did the waffle turn soggy even after an hour. Thumbs up for Stateland waffle - now I understand what the fuss is about.

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