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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pandan Kaya Cake by Bengawan Solo Bakery

I decided to do some short cake reviews, after writing about the Rainbow Cake by The Bakery Chef here and Lychee Martini Cake by Pine Garden here.

The cake of the day is Bengawan Solo's famous Pandan Kaya cake (SGD$25.80 for regular). Bengawan Solo is a local bakery that requires no further introduction - I am sure even tourists know them for their renowned delicacies, since they have outlets at our Changi Airport too.

Not a fan of pandan cake usually, I have to commend on the Pandan Kaya cake, which I have bought for the family to try and they, too, fell in love with it - from the ladies in their 60s to the youngsters.

A pretty cake in a grass green shade, smoothened by its glossy look and topped with pretty pink cream flowers atop, this cake caught my eye the moment I went to select something for the celebration. As there were elderly persons present, I could not choose the very exotic flavors hence I stuck with something more traditional - pandan and kaya.

The cake is moist and soft from the first bite, oozing the pleasant fragrance of pandan and emitting the gentle sweetness of kaya. It is so smooth on the tongue it nearly melted in the mouth - hence this cake charmed someone who wasnt even a fan of pandan cake to begin me (aka me).

Bengawan Solo also sells this in a single slice (around SGD$3.00 a slice if I remember correctly) so whenever I have cravings these days, I would just pop into a store and grab a slice to satiate the nagging desire for this lovely cake.

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