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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Eyebrow Embroidery at Prestige Eyebrow Embroidery & Lash Specialist

9 Scotts Road #03-08 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
Tel: 6733 3369 / 6733 3379

Searching for a few places to redo my eyebrows embroidery - I shortlisted a few. I did my eyebrow embroidery about 7 years back, at #1 Salon (that time it was strongly recommended on some popular forums) - but they did not give me the shape I specified despite promising to.

Anyway I shortlisted a few as mentioned, and my top choice was initially Erabelle - which I dropped due to their inflexibility of services. So I decided to go with Prestige Eyebrow Embroidery & Lash Specialist. Over the phone, Irene insisted that she would prefer to see us in person to consult and advise, rather than give suggestions and quotation over the phone without knowing our brow conditions.

I appreciated that, hence the Mom and I headed down to their Pacific Plaza branch (Orchard) for a consultation. The parlour was gorgeous - with chandeliers, maroon and gold drapes etc it looked more like a movie theater. The friendly artists served us hot tea and went through the various types of eyebrow embriodery with us - 3D, natural, Korean etc, including letting us look at the book with different styles / shapes.

The photo above was my original shape - fine and arched.

The Artist drew on shapes for us using eyebrow pencils so we could see the effect for ourselves.

The friendly Artist suggested suitable shapes for our faces, and gave a little "facial fengshui" advice. I had originally insisted on my usual fine arches, but she gave an alternative suggestion. Here is a photo taken after she had drawn one side of my brow.

I was very grateful for their professionalism and brilliance. A couple of parlours I had visited suggested that it was mandatory to "wash off" the original shape of the last eyebrow embroidery I did 7 years ago, before setting a new shape for me. For Prestige, they cleverly restructured my browshape so that I just needed a good shape to cover and enhance the old shadows.

So the Mom and I gave them the go-ahead to proceed after they drew the shapes for us. Instead of the fine, sharp arches, the Artist selected for me a shape with more volume, and a softer gradient. I acceded, and the setting cream was applied. I had to wait for about 20 minutes - so I visited the restrooms, filled out the forms and read a beauty magazine in the meantime.

Then we were brought into these pretty, French / Victorian looking rooms with the gilt mirrors, crimson and gold sheets - so pretty, like the entire parlour itself. Here was where we lay and the final works of eyebrow embroidery was done. It hurt somewhat, but nothing we could not brace or get through.

About an hour later, we both emerged with darker, prettier and more defined brows. The slightly upwards arch was promised, following my browbone, curving in a more gentle gradient and yet managed to alter away the old shape beautifully.

The patient artists offered a lot of brow care tips, advice and we really appreciated the friendly hospitality. We left the salon after paying SGD$388.00 per pax for the good jobs done, and they gave us a pot of cream each to apply over the brows day and night.

Now I look forward to waking up each morning without needing to draw my brows again, and look forward to the touchup session a month later. Friends also say the new brows enhanced my looks, and made me appear "friendlier", "more approachable".

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